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  • Atlantis

    Since this article goes back a few years, would you say the world has already accepted Jehovah's Witnesses as a televangelist organization listed with all the other religions? Your opinions?

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  • BluesBrother

    For tne world to accept it they would have to know about it. The fact is despite tbeir presence on Roku etc , few people know about it or would download the app unless tbey were connected to them .

    I had never heard of most of the channels in the article so that is true of all minority interest channels.

  • Atlantis

    Ok, thanks Blues!


  • John Redwood
    John Redwood

    I'm not one for making predictions, but perhaps we can consider the following possibility and see what happens.

    Covid has reinvented the JW scene and has proven that the JWs can maintain their organization without the use of Kingdom Halls- at least for the past year+.

    So it is not out of the realm of possibility that the JWs may do the following:

    * Eliminate most single Kingdom Halls to wipe out all expenses related to their maintenance and liability.
    * Focus on regional convention sites using existing Circuit Assembly Halls and rented facilities.
    * Maintain weekly meetings on Zoom including field service meetings
    * Use publisher homes for field service meetings as they have done in the past

    * Fine-tune their streaming services by creating their own version of Zoom (they already partner with JWs who created KH Conf, which I believe now has added video to their abilities)

    By going virtual, the JWs can eliminate the problems they have had by selling off so many kingdom halls, then forcing JWs to travel 30-60 minutes or more to a different area.

    The organization is already renting space on a satellite in order to deliver JW content in Africa, which really is a forceful way to push their evangelism into areas where previously they would have to hand-deliver the message by missionaries. Now they can focus on translating the content at remote translation offices (RTOs) and then let the JW material wash over the local people by showing it on tablets and smartphones.

    It's impossible to predict accurately what will happen in the next 10+ years, but don't be surprised if some of these things come true.

  • Atlantis

    John Redwood:

    Thank you! You have listed a lot of good information. Time will tell as the old saying goes. I guess most people never know what to expect next concerning the Tower.


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