Lucid dreams and virtual reality

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  • Bad_Wolf

    Long ago when I learned about lucid dreams I was fascinated by them and sought to try to induce them. Over the years I've had quite a few. I can't definitely force one to happen on any particular night. If you have never had one, you actually wake up or become aware you are in a dream. The absolute best lucid dreams are where everything is so vivid, you are astounded you are in a dream and not actually awake and that you can control things.

    I wonder and hope, that in my lifetime, something may be developed that allows us to have them at will and if fully awake, then it would be amazing.

  • Simon

    Dude, your neighbours are getting sick of you walking round your neighbourhood stark-bollock naked. You're not lucid dreaming, you're sleepwalking. :D

  • Bad_Wolf


    Here are a few lucid dreams I have had. And unlike virtual reality where you are just put into a programmed world and are limited to what that world does and unable to 'feel' anything, in lucid dreams you can be the exact definition of an all powerful god, think anything you want into existence.

    The absolute most vivid one I ever had, and one of the first, I somehow just awoke within the dream. I was standing on the road I grew up at in my childhood. I was in awe how vivid and real everything looked and how awake and alert I was yet still in this dream. I was thinking how I would tell my father whom I've discussed lucid dreaming with when I would be awake for real. It did not last very long. I quickly tried to think of something fun to do while it lasted, so I said aloud I want a hot girl to appear. You can guess the rest.

    Another....(I periodically will do reality checks, but I am bad at keeping up with that habit), I had a dream I was walking on a trail with gorgeous cascading waterfalls beside me. I was convinced it was real but I thought to myself that I should do a reality check to get back into that habit. I look at my watch, then look again and the numbers were completely changed. I was confused and did some more checks and was shocked I actually was dreaming. I decided to fly, like superman. At first I am flying slow along a shore, then I say that I'm in control so I want I should be flying super fast, suddenly I'm flying at supersonic speed. Then I notice the scenery is nothing special, and say I want to see amazing snow capped mountains. Suddenly I'm flying through the most beautiful mountains I had ever seen, and some having elaborate castles within them.

    Another....I don't recall how I realized I was dreaming, but I was outdoors and it was night time. I said I want it to be daytime. Suddenly I see the sun rising (like in the truman show movie when they are looking for him), clouds moving as if somebody put a camera filming the sky for a day and has it playing on fast forward. Once the sun hits noon, time stops fast forwarding and is back to normal. Within 5 seconds it went from late at night to noon. I was also astonished how I did not imagine or think how to make it daytime, how I just say what I want to happen and it happens.

    This is an interesting one. When I become lucid, I can summon people, either specific people or a type of person. I don't control what they say, and my interactions with them feel very real. I had thought it would be interesting to try to summon god, not knowing what I would see, or how it would be like. I can't consciously think of the great detail I see in my lucid dreams when I ask for things to happen. So the last time I had a really lucid moment, I tried to summon god. Nothing happened. Anything else I've ever tried, something will always happen. But nothing appeared and there was just silence. Deep down is it impossible for my mind to comprehend that? Or since I am in a sense god in my dreams, could I not summon myself? I will try it again though.

  • vivalavida

    Lucid dreams are definitely a very interesting ability and some people have it without even trying, while others cannot develop it no matter how much they try.

    Like the name says, it's dreams where you become lucid and that you can control, but they are still dreams and come from your brain, which might explain why you cannot summon god. Do you still believe in god? If you don't or if you have doubts that might explain it.

    Just keep having fun!

  • stillin

    I thought for a couple of years that I was having out-of-body experiences. I wanted to be able to do that at will. It seems that I have been grounded for now. I still haven't decided if it was all in my head or not. Sometimes the people who I "summoned" would connect with me in real life, saying that they had been thinking about me. It's a mysterious universe.

  • Bad_Wolf
    Sometimes the people who I "summoned" would connect with me in real life, saying that they had been thinking about me. It's a mysterious universe.

    That reminded me of some weird things that happen on occasion when I dream. These were general dreams, I did not become lucid in them, but along those lines...

    Dream : A girl who I did not know and never met, but friends of friends added me on facebook. I had a dream that she was crazy about me, had a big crush, etc. A few days later meet her among a group of friends, and she is all over me.

    Another: Have a dream about an ex getting back with me, hadn't spoken or anything in a year, then next day she is trying to add me on social media.

    Another: Had a dream a girl I had known for years, but we were only ever platonic, were romantically involved. (I was still a jw at the time). See her a day or so later, and she is suddenly for the first time ever very flirtacious and inviting me to hang out with her.

    Those types of dreams puzzle me, especially since I had nothing prior to those dreams to even hint at me of anything. It's not like i had an interaction and subconsciously was picking up signals first.

  • Bad_Wolf

    I need help here!

    So last night I was getting lucid. I had a very vivid dream. If you are familiar with what happens when you start to become lucid, is that you may get false awakenings. Where your mind tricks you into thinking you woke up from a dream, and you're back in full dream state. My mind outsmarted me last night. As I was getting lucid, the surroundings were changing and I started to question my reality. Usually a reality check would confirm I was dreaming then I get full control. Last night as that is happening somebody tells me that the tea I drank contained hallucinogens. That explained and verified things were changing when they shouldn't be, but I was hallucinating.

    So now I need to think of a reality check that hallucinations wouldn't answer or this will be my version of the 'false awakenings' from now on if everytime I am getting lucid it's claimed it was from having hallucinogens lol.

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