German Files of Interest for Those Collecting!

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  • Atlantis

    German Files for the folks who are collecting these.

    VOM 13. APRIL BIS 14. JUNI 2020.

    Infoblatt für diejenigen, die die besondere Predigtaktion in Bolivien
    vom 13. April bis 14. Juni 2020 unterstützen möchten.

    SCN:SSE 5. August 2019
    Besondere Predigtaktion in Bolivien.


  • WTWizard

    So now they want people in Germany to go to South America? Was zu fick? They want people to do missionary work in Bolivia, to cross the Atlantic to do this. Yet, those in Mexico that would be much closer are sent to Africa (more distance), while those in US or Canada are sent to Africa or parts of Asia?

    Maybe they ought to go "gar nicht". If they did that, maybe the washtowel would stop hounding everyone to move across the world to do stupid missionary work. By the way, people would need to learn Spanish to do Bolivia--their native tongue is German. Why not just send those from Mexico to Bolivia? Or, Brazil--they speak Portuguese, which is similar enough to Spanish that many Brazilians know, or can learn, Spanish well enough to do this. And I do not recommend just learning to B1, because many difficult missionary questions require B2 or C1 level answers. I wonder how many Germans are that fluent in Spanish. I am not--fact, I probably know as much German (in America, where German is quite rare) than they know Spanish in Germany.

  • btlc

    @WTWizard, according to the letters, the target of the campaign are mennonites, community which speaks some kind of German dialect, so knowing Spanish seems to be irrelevant.

    Btw, Atlantis / Petra, whoever you are, tyvm for all provided documents!
  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    This is interesting!

    German JW are invited to go to Bolivia for a 2 month long preaching campaign, primarily in Mennonite territory. (Mennonites speak a sort of German)

    I wonder if the WT will arrange transportation like with international conventions and make some money of it.

    Is this the first German dubs are called to do this?

    Is this going to be a repeat event?

  • blondie

    Here is a WT experience with Mennonites in Bolivia in 2000/2001. Evidently the WTS is trying to build on this group.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    That article you linked to is such hypocritical article written by blind idiots.

    It's JW lamenting the fact that Mennonites who want to change their religious beliefs must initially do so in secret because they are tightly controlled. Then the elders pressure them to stop, or else they be expelled, and finally they are subjected to cruel shunning and rejected by the whole Mennonite community.

    How about you have a look at your own community too, Watchtower asshole!

  • blondie

    @Anders Anderson

    My feelings exactly. The WTS lives in a lala world of their own making; they believe their own delusions. The Mennonites though evidently have jumped out of the pan and into the fire.

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