Need help!!!! Bible reading schedule.

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  • yesidid

    Once more with feeling!!!!!!

    We are not attending meetings and do not have the Bible reading schedule. Shortly we will have as house guests two very precious Jehovah’s witness friends. Although we read the Bible we do not use the society’s recommended schedule. Anyone have a schedule for the two weeks June 10-25 they could scan for me?

    Thank you in advance.


  • johnny_was_good

    June 9 Song 92
    Bible reading: Acts 1-4
    Speech Quality: Enthusiasm Appropriate to Material (be p. 116 ¶5-p. 117 ¶ 4)
    No. 1: Strengthen Your Trust in Jehovah (w01 6/1 pp. 7-10)
    No. 2: Acts 4:1-22
    No. 3: What Can We Learn From the Bible Record About Mary? (rs p. 254 ¶ 5-p. 255 ¶ 2)
    No. 4: Does God Care How We Worship?

    June 16 Song 2
    Bible reading: Acts 5-7
    Speech Quality: Expressing Warmth (be p. 118 ¶ 1-p. 119 ¶ 5)
    No. 1: Confession That Leads to Healing (w01 6/1 pp. 28-31)
    No. 2: Acts 11-22
    No. 3: How Jehovah's Witnesses Differ From Other Religions
    No. 4: Was Mary Truly a Virgin When She Gave Birth to Jesus? (rs p. 255 ¶ 3-4)

    June 23 Song 116
    Bible reading: Acts 8-10
    Speech Quality: Expressing Emotion (be p. 119 ¶ 6-p. 120 ¶ 5)
    No. 1: Look After Orphans and Widows in Their Tribulation (w01 6/15 pp. 9-12)
    No. 2: w01 6/1 p.12¶ 1-p.13¶ 5
    No. 3: Was Mary Always a Virgin? (rs p. 255 ¶ 5-p. 256 ¶ 2)
    No. 4: *Why Attending Meetings Is Vital to Spiritual Growth

  • yesidid

    Thank you Johnny,

    That is exactly what I wanted. I appreciate your taking the time to scan it for me.


  • blondie

    Sorry, yesidid, I misunderstood the question. I do have the school schedule for this year if you have any other questions.


  • yesidid

    Thank you Blondie,

    I appreciated your suggestions also.

    You are such great person. One day I would like to meet you.


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