What does the Bible Really Teach?

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  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Purely from a structural view - favoritism and who has the better position.

    When you think about who sinned and their punishment, you start to see a pattern. This doesn't cover all instances but it is telling.

    If you murder, fornicate and disobey but are a king or other notable, you probably get away with your life intact. In fact, others may suffer for your sinning while you get forgiven.

    However, if you impinge on any priestly duties or offices, you are toast.

    King David, the one beloved by the WT, is a notable example. From having sex with Bathsheba, killing her husband, hiding it, having numerous wives and illegally counting the people - David escaped with his life and was forgiven. In the mean time, the child born to him and Bathsheba, well he was killed by God. After David did the sinning in counting the people - the nation of Israel lost thousands of people to the plague.

    Then there was Manasseh. Burned his children up and got the nation to follow suit. Sure God threw him in prison as punishment, but then he forgave him when he cried.

    King Solomon - hundreds of wives and concubines and war chariots. Started worshiping other Gods but died an old man.

    Now for a few examples of what happens when you try to encroach on priestly things.

    King Saul - he did some impulsive things but what got him into big trouble was taking the place of a priest/prophet and offering up an offering. Holy spirit taken away and eventually lost his life. His son, a loyal servant lost his life at the same time. Because he was a king, that got him a little more time than ....

    Uzzah. Made the mistake of touching the Ark of the Covenant. That was only for one of the Levites or Priests to do. Instant death.

    The Famous Korah and associates. Wanted to offer up incense. They certainly got toasted.

    Achan who stole spoil from the fall of Jericho. Basically he stole from God (which is also like stealing from the religious leaders) Not only did he die, but his family and animals.

    Ananias and his wife. Didn't give it all (to God and religious rulers) and lied about it. Instant death.

    What the bible really teaches is - people put in position of authority from the religious leaders, can get away with a lot of things and still remain in power. You can include the very rich in that too because they will give money to the religious leaders. But try to do what only the priests/leaders have given to themselves, you will pay the ultimate.

    Elders can have their dirty secrets and be forgiven - the GB can "kill" anyone that doesn't agree with what they teach or anyone that dares to suggest their way is wrong.

    Such a book.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    Talk about "An eye for an eye", For god is perfect in his justice ! Really ! Give me a break!

    I agree with what you are saying.This god punishes generations after generations for the sin of a father or a mother. Thats fair n just in his book.

    This is why we are all paying for it, sin following death coz of adam and eve.

    Ofcourse I no longer believe in all this BS anymore but that is beside the point.


  • BourneIdentity

    I’ve always laughed when people would say Jehovah exercises perfect justice. How is it “just” that we get sick and die due to what Adam and Eve did? Why do we have to exercise faith in Jesus sacrifice and prove ourselves acceptable or worthy when Adam and Eve fucked up? Would you as a parent punish all your younger children for something your oldest child did? No, it’s so wrong and unjust. Every Christian religion believes this and I can’t believe more don’t question how ridiculous it is.

    Wouldn’t it have been enough for Jehovah to condemn humans to death, but at least give them all great health to give them a taste of what they are missing out on? Isn’t adding all the sickness and disease just adding more salt into the wounds? Millions of people live a miserable life for the majority of their life.

    Then like the OP said, Jehovah killed David and Bathsheba’s child, way to punish an innocent victim, just like all of us are. Such a load of shit.

  • BourneIdentity

    Another thing I thought about is animal sacrifices in the past. You sin and to obtain forgiveness, Jehovah wants you to pick your best animal to kill and offer up to him. So in this day and age, let’s say you have 2 cats and a dog. One cat has diabetes, the other is blind in one eye. Your dog is perfectly healthy, so that’s the one you have to kill to offer up to Jehovah. How sick is that?

  • WTWizard

    And what about for that one fictitious incident, we are all in infinite real debt that we will have to pay for with our whole species' lives. This theme recurs throughout history, and is a blatant example of how god is infringing on Satan, pushing fake debt and creating mountains of real debt to pay the fake debt. Then it cannot be paid off, so we are all to be enslaved under communism. In time, the whole planet is rendered unfit for anything but joke-hova's filthy reptilians, which then move in on the planet to infest yet another planet.

  • waton

    Bible, written by the tribe of Levi to benefit the Levites. Examples like david to show the followers that leaders can get away with murder, and remain people "close to Jehovah's heart". like the GB. and

    the wt book " What does the bible really teach?" anti -science, education to keep the masses ignorant stuck in the past. example page 110 (old version).

    Old, ready to retire, union-protected teacher handing a student the blackboard to prove a new theory.

    wt comment: confident the student's challenge ( Satan's really) will fail.

    Reality: new math, physics, science solution are found all the time.

    old wt doctrines, old text books are dated too. look at the book.

    Illustration to prevent thinkers from entering jw ranks.

  • Phizzy

    The Bible does not teach anything. Men make up stuff to suit themselves based on some of its words.

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