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  • expatbrit

    The May 2003 Question Box in the KM has a little piece which demonstrates how the WT feels about the wishes of non-JW's.

    When witnessing by telephone, what should we do if a person requests that Jehovah's Witnesses not call again?

    The wishes of the person should be respected. A dated note with the name of the person should be placed in the territory envelope so that publishers will avoid calling that number in the future. Once a year, the list of people who have requested that we not call should be reviewed. Under the direction of the service overseer, experienced, tactful publishers can be assigned to contact these people to determine their current feelings. - See the January 1994 Our Kingdom Ministry Question Box.

    OK, the first thing that jumps out here is the ridiculous self-contradiction of the answer. First they say that a person's wishes to not be called on should be respected, then they give instructions which basically say to call on that person anyway!

    It's pretty obvious that when someone says "don't call me again", they're not saying "you can call me once a year to see how I feel." The Watchtower is showing contempt for people's wishes and forcing their religion upon those who have clearly expressed a wish not to be harassed in this way.

    What about legal aspects? If a person sues the Watchtower for making a once a year call after a request that they do not call, it would appear from the above that the congregation's own files provide evidence that the person's right to be left alone has been violated. It would be interesting to see how a test case went.


  • shamus

    In Canada, that is one thing - illegal. You are not allowed to hassle anyone on the telephone if they tell you not to call again. They still wouldn't listen, though. They will get their message across even if it is illegal. "This good news must be preached". Where in the bible does it say, "Once a year to people who don't want to talk to you.... once a month if they do..."

  • gitasatsangha

    'Do Not Call' Is Law

    WASHINGTON, March 11, 2003


    Consumers could enroll in the free service via the Internet or a toll-free number.

    (AP) President Bush on Tuesday signed legislation creating a national "do-not-call" list intended to help consumers block unwanted telemarketing calls.

    The bill allows the Federal Trade Commission to collect fees from telemarketers to fund the registry, which will cost about $16 million in its first year. The do-not-call program should begin operation by summer.

    Telemarketers say the registry will devastate their business. The Direct Marketing Association, an industry group, filed a lawsuit against the FTC last month on grounds the registry unlawfully restricts free speech.

    Consumer groups and many lawmakers say the registry has overwhelming support from a public that is fed up with unwanted telemarketing calls.

    Consumers could enroll in the free service via the Internet or a toll-free number. Telemarketers would have to check the list every three months to find out who does not want to be called. Those who call listed people could be fined up to $11,000 for each violation.

    Charities, surveys and calls on behalf of politicians would be exempt.

    The FTC has limited authority to police telemarketing calls from certain industries, including airlines, banks and telephone companies. The Federal Communications Commission, which oversees calls made by those industries, has been working with the FTC and is considering adding its clout to the program.

    So do the Witnesses get out on a loophole? Witnesses are not a charity.

  • mattnoel

    He he, In England they are not allowed to do cold calling !!

  • rocketman

    You make a good point expat. Do not call again means exactly that.

    Of course, what they are trying to determine by their annual call is not only changed feelings, but also whether perhaps the person moved (or died).

  • minimus

    They could always say that the person could have moved or died and were just checking.

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