My old KH is a house now

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  • Gordon

    Rossville, IL, I heard it had disbanded about 15 years ago. Know, I see someone bought it and turned it into a home, but sadly for them , the bad KH karma did not help the resale value. Looking at the interior pictures it's hard to see the old KH. The original entrance was at the end of the covered walkway, that part seems intact.

  • TonusOH

    Nice job on the remodel. Where did people park when it was a KH?

  • Gordon

    I helped build that KH in 1974-75, it was a rush to get it finished before the Armageddon.

  • Gordon

    The garage area was a large gravel parking lot- grass has reclaimed most of it. The first owner used to park his semi trailer rig on it.

  • Gordon

    The house just to the south was owned by a sister and her non-JW husband, they donated the 1/2 acre the the congregation. The congregation then sold their dilapidated KH in Hoopeston, IL for $8500, which became the seed money for the new building. Donations quickly followed and soon there was enough money to put up the prefab shell.

    The expectations of a huge increase in membership never materialized. It was built for about 120 and most of the time the attendance was only 60-70- tops. The original Hoopeston KH was only about 40-50 members.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Zillow description notes it was "built in 1975".

    Now THAT is funny!

  • ThomasMore

    They DID finish it before Armageddon!! Good job!

  • Gordon

    I moved out of state in 1983 and came back an apostate 6 years later, haha

  • WingCommander

    Zillow Estimate of $129,000? WOW!! That's a steal. That house here in PA would be $250,000, minimum. That's some cheap real estate.

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