A retraction and apology - I posted incorrect information.

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  • doubtfull1799

    It was recently brought to my attention by the person who was with me on the carts at the time, that a comment I made six months ago about the cart work on this forum was incorrect. I apologise and in the interests of honesty and accuracy I feel it is only right to issue a public retraction. I have quoted the post in question below as I am not sure how to correct or delete the original.

    The first sentence in this quote is incorrect. We did have 2 or three people take literature during the time we were in that location. I did not mean to mislead, I just have a bad memory and perhaps subconsciously I was guilty of hyperbole! The person who corrected me has a much better memory than I do and I trust their version of events! However the second and third paragraphs I still believe to be correct.

    Up until I left recently I was participating in the cart work. In the location where we used to set up near our local mall we never had one person stop and take literature or stop and chat - other than fellow brothers. I thought maybe it was just a bad location or something.
    I have an office in the centre of my city and I have recently been having lunch near where the brothers set up their carts and have been observing them for an hour or two at a time during the busiest lunch time traffic. And.... NOTHING!
    In all the weeks I have been doing this I have not seen so much as ONE person stop or take anything. I sometimes stop for a quick chat with them on the way home, if it is someone I know, and ask them "how was business today?" They usually confirm that they had no interest, but try to spin it with the positive "but people are seeing us."
  • stuckinarut2

    Doubtful1799, that is very honest of you to raise this and issue a correction.

    It is not a big issue, but it really does show your level of sincerity and honesty, and that is to be applauded!.

    (Never can it be said by the Org that those who leave try to exaggerate or tell mistruths, as we are willing to own our mistakes or errors...unlike the org itself, which has often issued "facts" with no verification or intellectual honesty.)

  • steve2

    It takes courage and humility to say you provided incorrect information and were receptive to being corrected by the other person who was with you at the time of which you speak.

    That aside, I'm just a little confused about which aspect of your earlier post you are correcting. You say it's the first sentence of the extended quote that is incorrect. But the first sentence simply states that, until recently, you participated in the cart work. Do you mean the second sentence - which fits better with what you subsequently say?

  • konceptual99

    TBH, one or two people taking literature during however many hours you did cart work is still hardly a ringing endorsement of this method of preaching.

  • smiddy

    Don`t sweat doubtfull 1799 I dont think anybody here would have given it a second thought for something so insignificant.really.

    And what stuck says .I agree

  • Londo111

    Two or three people! Wow...not since the days of the apostles has the 'good news' been spread to so many people!

  • waton

    It has been well established that eye witness (pun just happened) are notoriously unreliable ( a lie lies in there too), and not intentionally. Bravo for you going back and sorting this out for the absolute truth's sake!

  • notsurewheretogo

    This is a wind up isn't it?

  • doubtfull1799

    @Steve2, yes I meant the first paragraph

    @notsurewheretogo, no tis is not a windup - it is genuine

    Yes, I know it is a small issue and the overall point I was making is still true. It might seem like a storm in a teacup, but there is a bigger issue: If we are going to call out the Society for their misleading, deceptive or inaccurate statements then we must hold ourselves to a higher standard and and be completely unhypocritical - we must be willing to be corrected when we are guilty of the same thing.

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