PERSECUTION (and I tell you why I named this topic title)

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  • HiddlesWife

    I've noticed that even though I'm inactive, I'm getting treated very badly by a number people inside the BORG and outside of it.

    (1) From inside: Various brothers and sisters from the cong I'm associated with/occasionally attend are being influenced--especially by pioneers, a couple of MSs and their family members--to shun me, my siblings and my cousins. Three (3) of my close friends in the cong (two who are developing doubts) are really beginning to feel "the heat" from these "popular/privilege of service" ones. But due to the fact that cong is the only English-speaking one within a 15 or more mile radius and closer to my home and my friends' homes [the cong shares the KH with a Spanish and a Russian cong; this English cong is comprised of four (4) congs: three (3) dissolved and one (1) still remaining]. These popular ones also have put pressure on single Bethelites (when Brooklyn Bethel was in existence) and single traveling brothers who came to give special talks to not conversate or even greet/say hello to me, my family members and my friends. The gossip-mill in this cong is strong and ongoing! Only two (2) out of the ten (10) elders there have spoken against slander, gossip and self-appointing marking, but they has been outnumbered by the other eight (8) elders whose family members and friends are in that clique! Very discouraging!

    (2) From outside: At my workplace, both students and staff have been told by a big-mouthed supervisor (plus one of his Igor-ish spies) that I was affiliated with the BORG. I have been working at this particular venue for almost ten (10) years; and ever since 2013 I have been hearing people speaking about and against the BORG. Only four (4) students in addition to that supervisor and his minion has shown a great deal of hatred towards me. I have not informal witnessed/proseletyzed to anyone at anytime, plus when the holidays and politics are discussed, I don't get into the conversation. On a couple of occasions, this big-mouthed supervisor tried to get me to confess in front of some students and a new employee my religious beliefs. I told him upfront that "there is a division between church and state. I rather not talk about this topic, for this is not the place nor the time to discuss this subject".

    I noticed that every since Scientology has been exposed, a great number of people have been also watching various YouTube videos (i.e., Marcus Vaughn, John Cedars, Kim Mikey, Christian Katja, Ex-JW Critical Thinkers, etc.) and are discovering TTATT in addition to other types of information. Furthermore, as the years have gone by in my life--especially after being hated immensely by some non-JDub relatives, neighbors, schoolmates, local business owners, coworkers and supervisors--I have become the type of JDub who, if any one would ask for me to answer their questions about the Bible and the BORG, encourage them to ask the JDubs who live in their immediate neighborhood/township during the weekdays or weekends. I wasn't cowardice: I just wanted to stopped being hated (to me/IMHO: persecuted)! I just wanted some respect and some peace! I could never understand why the GB and their helpers would want to see the R&F go through holy-hell and back for their nefarious belief system, not caring about their well-being (just as what happened to the brothers and sisters in Malawi--one aspect that helped me wake up)! Now, at my job, a few new employees (hearing that I have had an affiliation with the BORG) don't want to say anything else but hello and goodbye--and I used eat lunch with them straight for three (3) years! In fact, the Igor-ish minion spy--who hates the BORG because one of her favorite 2nd cousins studied about eight (8) years ago, got dedicated, baptized and married an "evangelizer" (she calls the cousin-in-law; he is a regular pioneer in actuality), who took the girl away from her family and the young lady does not associate with my coworker any longer (sorry for the long explanation re: the coworker's relative)--made a comment at an end-of-semesters get together awhile back that "why don't you Hiddly, leave the JWs and get excommunicated! Then some of the kids and some others will like/respect you more!!". I was so embarrassed by her comment, I got up from the table I was assigned to by the hostesses of the event and sat with my close/chummy coworkers at their assigned table. I knew that she did not like the BORG; but I didn't expect that.

    Also, there is a part time employee who is a JDub who was hired in 2016. After speaking with her during her second week of work, I found out that she was in the BORG (first discovery was that she was reading in a break room on her tablet). We got to tell each other what cong we were associated with and exchanged phone numbers. During the third week, we conversed after hours. She asked me if I was a pioneer and since I lived some time ago not far from Brooklyn Heights, have I ever became a Commuter Bethelite, etc. Seeing that she was so obsessed with titles, I told her my new title: Inactive. The next sound on the other end: CRICKETS! After thinking she had hung up, she then acted as if she was getting ill and told me that she "will speak with me at another time. Got to go!". (That was during a weekend). The next Monday she only greeted me "Good Morning". She laughs and talks with the other staff members and sometimes converses with the minion-spy, but will not converse with me--and she and I have to work together regarding student information and so forth [thank goodness, we work in separate offices, six (6) doors away from each other!]. She attends a cong, in which one of my closest cousin's friend (a brother) goes to. As a matter of fact, the JDubs this sister sticks with are in a clique who have on occasional started trouble to my cousin's friend and his family members! Again, very discouraging! Oh, another factor: this chick wants to very badly confess/reveal to my supervisor and the minion that she is JDub (Hmm....she better be careful what she wishes for......).

    I know I'm ranting right now--but I'm ranting/venting because I'm just really, really, really sick and beyond tired of getting the shaft/the heat because of the life course I've taken. I have now woken up--and this is the end result for being faithful to Jah! If only I had hindsight-20/20 vision re: the BORG, I would have never, ever studied nor gotten baptized!! THANKS 4 NOTHIN', WATHCTOWER!!

  • moreconfusedthanever

    It's hard. Continue to be friendly to everyone and remember that you are no longer living a lie. Everyone's opinion does not matter more than your own opinion of yourself. I'm told it gets easier. Hang in there.

  • carla

    I'm sorry you seem to be having a difficult time. Be friendly, they will come around. People get nervous around cult/ex cult members sometimes. Try and see it from their point of view and see how your opinion changes. Most people know very little about jw's or cults in general.

    You see yourself as 'persecuted', perhaps that is the problem. Do you look for little injustices instead finding small acts kindness from people? For one day try to find something nice about each and every person you come in contact with and see if your and their dynamics change. Be the kind of friend/workmate you want from others and soon you will see the change. Exude love and it will come back to you, might take a bit but it will eventually.

    As a non jw have great difficulties with jw's and some exjw who like to claim 'persecution' whenever they feel they have been mistreated, misunderstood or someone disagrees with them. In my mind the people who get their heads cut off for their beliefs are persecuted, those who are imprisoned for their beliefs are persecuted, hung from a Cross and so on. It just seem rather melodramatic when jw's claim 'persecution' when folks don't care for their arrogant judgmental attitudes. Not saying that is the case with you but I have seen it in my jw at times and he likes to claim I persecute him whenever I disagree with him on all things jw.

    You said, "getting the shaft/the heat because of the life course I've taken." the beauty in that is that is it is only one life course you have taken, now you can change direction and take a different course. You still have time.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Always remember that all the people you've described have mental faculties that are seriously warped, and as such, you'd benefit your own mental well-being by strictly limiting any contact with them to "necessary business" only. Discuss nothing personal with such ones, and make new friends elsewhere.

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