IICSA.... Haven't we heard all this before?

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  • UnshackleTheChains

    Haven't we heard all this before?

  • Crazyguy2

    Buddy of mine hadn’t been to a hall in over 5 years but has to listen to the talk give by the co during the visit to his moms house had to listen in on the phone tie in. He later told me it was the same crap I heard 20 years ago.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    whats IICSA ?

  • Iamallcool


  • resolute Bandicoot
  • UnshackleTheChains

    The reason I mentioned this was there was high hopes the charity commission a few years back were going to make an impact on watchtower, but it all kind off fizzled out. So with that in mind, is there much hope that the 'Independent inquiry child sex abuse' will make a difference?

  • smiddy3

    If it follows the same line as the ARC into Institutionalised Child sexual Abuse it could very well be a good thing.

    Here`s hoping

  • zeb

    I just did a brief look into and found no mention of the jw or watchtower. But I stress it was brief.

    I was in contact with some officials on that inquiry but they faded and i suspect the inquiry has got itself put into some backroom where it cant hurt anyone.. Oh God my father I hope I am wrong..

  • HB

    JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES are mentioned first in the list of non-conformist religions to be investigated.


    Inquiry announces new investigation into child protection in religious organisations and settings

    2 May 2019

    The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has announced a new investigation into child protection in religious organisations and settings.

    The investigation will be thematic and will review the current child protection policies, practices and procedures in religious institutions in England and Wales.

    Organisations falling under the remit of this investigation will include non conformist Christian denominations, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Baptists, Methodists, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism and Buddhism. This investigation is separate from our investigations into the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches.

    Religious settings such as mosques, synagogues, churches and temples are in scope. Places of faith tuition such as Muslim madrassahs and Christian Sunday schools and places where children and young people gather in connection with their religious beliefs, including youth groups and camps will also be investigated by the Inquiry.

    More than one in 10 survivors of child sexual abuse (11 per cent) who shared their accounts with the Inquiry’s Truth Project reported sexual abuse in a religious institution. Of this group, almost a quarter (24 percent) told the Inquiry they were abused in institutions in scope of this new investigation, including Jehovah's Witnesses, Baptists, Methodists, Judaism and Islam. Not all participants provided details about the religious denomination of the institution or perpetrator.

    Organisations and individuals are being invited to apply for core participant status. Core participants must have a significant interest in this investigation and have special rights defined by legislation.

    A preliminary hearing will take place at 2pm on 23 July 2019 and public hearings will take place in 2020.

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