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  • Terry

    When I was a twenty year old JW in Federal Prison (neutrality) I used to sneak into the Catholic rectory.
    There was a grand piano there and I somehow got away with teaching myself how to play it.
    By the time I was paroled, when I got back to my home congregation, I would play the piano for the opening
    and closing songs. (Remember those days?)
    Fast forward many years.
    I moved to California and got a job as an artist and met many famous people, etc.
    I wanted to be a film composer but my skills were way too thin for that dream.
    I did have a fantastic life in the 70s in Hollywood and my interest in movie music led me into meeting
    other fans.
    An actor named Frank Wilson now has a Podcast and he invited me on and I'm listing it here because
    I have been on this discussion group about 16 years and many of you know me.


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