Huff Post article on JW sister who married outside the Borg

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  • dozy
  • nmthinker
    I feel bad for Josh. He has no idea what he's getting into.
  • Cadellin

    I really identified with all of her feelings. Finally, a truthful account (as opposed to the whitewashing on of what it is like to be a single female in this organization, and how desperate and lonely and completely human such women are. The JW website has a short video about a single sister tempted to start dating a worldly guy and it shows her doing all of those "right" things--the praying and Bible-reading and staying busy "in the ministry," and she's smiling happily through it all because if you do the right things, it works! HA, NO!

    This woman was doing all the right things (and I believe her account--I have no reason not to, esp. since I was once a single JW woman of a certain age, which in the organization simply means over 18, and I had the exact same feelings) and yet she still was "tottering." Remember the Psalm where it promises that the righteous one will not totter because God will support then? So much for that paper promise. I'm glad she's found a great guy.

    What I can't figure out is why this seemingly intelligent woman wouldn't just walk away from this organization. Of course, I know why--she's got all her friends and family still in and that's her whole social network, as she admits.

    Thank you for sharing this!

  • zeb

    I hope that her / their wedding goes to plan and is a lovely warm occasion. A wedding is about apublic declaration of yourmost private intentions about saying via the 'costume-party' which is a big part of it that you are in love.

    every happiness dont let the wt mob poison you.


  • Vanderhoven7

    Hope she is happy and ends up having it both ways. But I think her hubby will soon find out that he has bitten off more than he can chew.

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