Oh Brother, another reason for pompous JWs to file a lawsuit

by ShirleyW 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • ShirleyW

    I guess some of you have heard that a woman that worked at a hotel and was forced to work on Sunday's has now filed suit and won some major moolah. So, how long before the pompous Dubs who work on mtg night will follow suit and collect big bucks, I honestly think that a few have tried this before, but now that this woman and her bogus religion almost as crazy as Dubs got a shitload of money, there will be many more lawsuits to come from a certain cult that either knock-knock on your door every weekend or sit in a subway station and just sit there and gossip about the other folks in the Cong or steady dial up stuff on their phones.

  • JC323
    The lawsuits happen all the time. The labor law states that an employer must provide reasonable accommodations for the practice of an employees religion.
  • OrphanCrow

    Shirley, the JWs have already "wrote the book" on how to sue for exactly the reason that your OP is about

    Three pages of court cases:


    And more employment court cases here:


    The JWs must be one of the most litigious groups there is. They set the precedent.

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