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  • oldstory70

    I am way late to the party on this message board but I saw that there were some folks from the New England area who had stories about familiar JWs that I grew up with. My story, as brief as I can tell it, goes like this.

    I was born in Boston, MA in the early 70s to two my mom and dad who were in their early 20s and woefully unprepared for marriage and raising kids. Dad becomes drunk and violent, mom is bipolar, desperate and high strung and looking anywhere for help. Apparently she begins praying. At some in early point in her progressively dismal narrative she gets a knock on the door of her and my dad's apartment and who do you all think it was? It was a JW by the name of Gerard Pellitier (sic). Mom, who at that point in time was a lapsed catholic, puts up resistance and begins closing the door on the dub but these were the days when JWs were a brazen and feral bunch. Pellitier rallies and sticks his foot into the door preventing her from shutting him out and he insists on preaching to her probably noting the desperation in her eyes. From what she says she knew it was the truth right then and there and in her true dramatic bipolar fashion she breaks down, starts bawling and hugging Pellitier while thanking god. She ultimately gets baptized in November 1976 at the Natick MA assembly hall. I was only 2 so I had to stay at home with my grandma. Alas...the JW horror begins.

    My mom divorces my dad in 76 or 77 and her, myself and brother move in with my grandma into a Boston suburb. Grandma was a kindly, mild and extremely understanding catholic woman who had an amazing level of tolerance for the manic bipolar rants and raves from my overly zealous JW mom. My mom, bro and myself settled into the Waltham Congregation and we would remain there until we switched over to the Newton cong in September 1991.

    Ultimately my mom's emotional and mental state cause her to physically, emotionally and sexually molest me over the years. She wasn't exposed for her crimes until the mid 00s when she was attending the Norwood MA congregation. True sociopath that she was she denied everything and could only relay to me on how much I ruined her life for telling her elders.

    As for me.. I was baptized at the age of 14 at the Holiday Inn in Providence RI on 7/9/88 and I ultimately left the JWs for good in 2008. If you were in the Waltham cong between 1977 to 1991 you would have seen me, you might have even gone out in service with me. Anyway...yeah. Hi.

  • Ron.W.

    Oh my goodness, what a difficult time you have had in your life - I so sympathise.

    I thought I was having an extremely hard time with my own aged jw mother at the moment - but my difficulties pale into insignificance compared to yours.

    Best wishes to you


  • no-zombie

    Welcome oldstory,

    You'll find many of us have been wounded in some way, and this place is good for decompressing if you have a need. Anyway welcome aboard.


  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze
    I'm very sorry to hear about your very unfair story. We don't get to choose our parents. But, we do get to choose what we do with the life they gave us.

    The Watchtower wiped out 5 generations of my family. I finally realized that if I were to have ANY relatives in this life, I would have to produce them myself. Once, I accepted this, and with God's blessing, I got busy getting on with the task. I have three sons now.

    Sometimes you have to chop the whole family tree down and plant a new one.
  • oncebitten

    Hi oldstory70,

    That was heartbreaking to read. I have been thru a nightmare myself. No molesting, thankfully. I hope you were able to get help with that. What a sick thing to do. I'm so sorry that happened to you. i hope you have someone in your life now who loves you.

  • stephenlettclownface


    Welcome! I'm a newbie here myself.

    Your story is similar to mine, but thankfully there was no molestation. Just a couple of highly dysfunctional parents who eloped at 15 and 17 and had no business doing so.

    Alcoholism up and down all sides of the family tree.

    Dad was a tyrant and bully to all of us kids, at the same time being a beloved figure at the KH.

    Mom was (and still is) a true agent of chaos and a vicious trouble making gossiper. At the same time being a beloved figure at the KH.

    They hid it extremely well. Still do. Dad passed 2 years ago. Until the day he died I never heard a sorry from his lips about the way he treated all of us.

    Mom is still very much the Guardian of Family Myth. The worst thing you can do is to challenge her that you might let some information out, even at this late date (she's 84).

    And many many things could be shared with their friends that would damage the sterling reputation they cultivated for 70 years.

    My mom was raised as a JW by her mother, my grandma. Grandma started it all. I'm 3rd Gen of 5 Gens in the JWs. A point of pride at one time, but now it is shameful to me. I love them and want them all out.

    So as I said, Dad came along and married Mom. He was 17 and had just graduated High School. She was 15 and still had 2 more years to go that she never finished.

    Mom was raised around the JW faith and was baptized when she was 12. But my DAD. With no religious or Christian background at all, and no interest in the Bible EVER in his life before (his own words to me) he studied with JWs and became one and got baptized in short order.


    Nothing, nothing, nothing was ever important to him the rest of his life except "every pronouncement" coming out of the mouth of the Watchtower.

    Most of the 5 generations of our family (including my uncles and aunts, my cousins, and their children and their children, in addition to my own sisters and their families) will never leave.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your story. I told part of mine just to show that there are others like us, probably more than we think, that have similar stories.

    It does get better. And flushing anything Jehovah's witness related from your system is a great and big first step.

    All the best.


  • WingCommander

    1. Welcome!

    2. Is your monster of an egg donour in a jail cell? I certainly hope so.

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