Anyone have this happen?

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  • mickbobcat

    My wife and I went to a restaurant we go to a few times a year. We waited for a bit but not horrible to get our drinks and food. The place was busy but not people waiting in line for a mile to get in busy. The waitress never refiled our drink once during our visit. She brought us our bill after we were sitting for 15 min after we were done. We waited 20 more min. for her to take our bill and CC to check us out.

    After waiting half an hour we walked up to the cash register[This is not a check out at the register restaurant.] and asked the bar tender if she could check us out. She said no and then another waitress came up and I asked her if she could. She said I don't have the CC machine. She said I will tell your waitress. We waited another 30 mins. I asked the bar tender again and was told you just have to wait. I walked out at that point. If you don't want my money I am not waiting all night.

    Any one have bad service like this before?

  • Simon

    I'm always amazed when servers mess up when it comes to settling the bill, leaving you sat at the table waiting way too long, especially if the service has been good apart from that. It's the last bit of the experience before you pay and tip.

    We went to Earls recently and you could pay for your meal via the unique table QR code and online app, it was WAY better (but still had a personal touch as the server came over and thanked us after we had). The future is probably going to be ordering via those as well, and someone will just bring the food to your table (eventually a robot, because of staffing issues).

    I've only ever walked out after we'd waited an hour and 45 minutes, with young hungry children, and the "you're order is just being finished" we'd been told for the last 45 minutes changed to "they will be starting your order real soon"

  • carla

    Long ago I was a waitress and making people wait for their bill always affected tips. One way to hurry it along is to put your coat on and stand up but do not leave the table. You hang onto your table so it cannot be cleaned and refilled until you have been fully taken care of. Or have your credit/debit card ready when she/he asks if you want anything further (desert, cof, etc) though with staff shortages you may end up waiting to get your card back (?) I have seen people follow wait staff who have their card because they were afraid of credit card theft and wanted to watch it being run through.

    Why standing up works while trying to wave/flag down your server (please never clap or snap your fingers at them like a dog) is because they know everybody can see what is going on as well as the manager/owner who will give them a little heat for it.

  • mickbobcat

    We did that. We stood up put our coats on then went to the bar where the cash register was. I asked about paying no less then 4 times and was blown off 4 times. It makes me mad because I like this place but the service has went down a bit. I see service and out and out poor workers all over the place. It seems like the USA is going down hill fast. Everyone thinks they are owed a living for little to no work.

  • FedUpJW

    Everyone thinks they are owed a living for little to no work.

    That is the new union mantra. All we want is more money for less work, and more time to not get it done.

  • smiddy3

    I wouldn`t go back there again ,did you complain to the management ? maybe sometimes that`s all it takes for the management to give the staff a serve.

    And if that didn`t work then find some other place to enjoy a nite out.

  • carla

    mickbobcat, you should have left someone at the table too. If you have surly teens/toddlers who look bored and impatient all the better, lol. You have to keep your table hostage so to speak. No, you shouldn't have to resort to such tactics but if you want to get out of there in a reasonable amount of time....

    If you can ask for a certain wait staff and get to know them and request them every time you may do better. Or if possible get an older wait staff, they seem to understand the their job with you only ends once you walk out the door. If you forgot something at the table they will chase you down to give it back. Then they have done their job. They fully understand service = tips.

  • GrreatTeacher

    I've always paid cash. If nobody came in a timely manner, we just throw cash on the table, get up and leave. Like Carla says, getting up to leave gets their attention and the waitstaff will immediately go grab the cash.

    This was standard operation about 20 years ago. Even with attentive staff. Just throw $40 on the table, tell the waiter that the extra is for them and leave. Never used to wait to be "checked out."

    Even today if we use a debit card, we always tip in cash and give it directly to the waiter. Weird things can happen to digital tips like never making it to the actual server.

  • RolRod

    Several years ago my family and I were away on a long weekend. We decided to go out for breakfast, I don't remember what state we were in, but I believe it was Mother's Day, so the everybody came out of church and went out for breakfast or brunch. We waited outside for a while, then we finally got seated. We sat there for 45 minutes. The waitress was taking orders and serving patrons who came after us. She finally took our order and we sat there another 30 minutes or so. Finally saw the waitress coming out with 4 plates on her arms, and as she was backing out the kitchen door, I told everyone let's go, and we got up and left. I could see her from outside standing by our booth holding the plates looking around confused. Racist, serving every white person on the restaurant but us.

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