Should all the JW`s who ever took part in a quick build/renovations take out a class action against the WTB&TS for compensation ?

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  • smiddy

    Let`s face it , the people who took part in quick builds / renovations of kingdom halls , etc, never expected the WTB&TS to sell off the buildings they were so sure was for furthering kingdom interests in this system of things .

    They gave their time, effort, money, labour ,free of charge , and then some years later the Society sells it off for a profit ? to the WT ?

    Kingdom halls , Assembly Halls , etc. built by volunteer labour , gifts , donations etc. all goes to the WTB&TS , they own it.,

    not the people who laboured over it , not the people who physically laboured over it , and not the people who financed it.

    It belongs to the WTB&TS , and when they see fit to dispose of such a building the proceeds / profits go to , you guessed it the WTB&TS.

    Do the congregations that were involved in these activities receive any monetary benefits for their efforts ? No of course not , the GB reaps all the benefits /profits.

    The rank and file , the ordinary practicing Jehovah`s Witness has been taken for a fool for generations thinking they are serving Jehovah .

    The fact is they have been serving the interests of the Governing Body of Jehovah`s Witnesses


  • Zoos

    What the WBTS is doing to people in this regard is unethical but not illegal. The property is theirs to do with what they please.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Regardless of whether you gave money or time, after you give it to them, it's theirs to do as they choose with the final product (unless you have a written agreement stating otherwise).


  • undercover

    Nope. Waste of time and effort. You volunteered your time to an organization. They fact that they sold that properly later is just business. Lesson learned... make sure of the organization and how their set up before volunteering time and/or money.

    What a lot of JWs didn't know, and I didn't either when I first started working on quick build projects, is that some 'brothers' are hired as contractors to provide services. I volunteered to help build items that were installed in KHs, and helped install them. I found out (thru an elder who knew the real scoop) that the brother in charge of this area was contracted and being paid to provide and install the items. This guy had over half the KH helping him construct the items in his shop, and installing at KH projects. He was getting free labor, and pocketing quite the profit. Once I learned this, I stopped volunteering. In fact, I stopped helping in any of the building projects, and this was when I was still active and mostly believing. If I could volunteer my time to help, why couldn't these so-called skilled 'brothers'.

    It was a racket. The biggest racket was the WTS getting free building labor from thousands of people, but on the local level some 'brothers' found an angle on how to make a profit themselves and fleeced congregations. I knew one brother who was kicked out of the building committee because he found cheaper quotes from 'worldly' sources for renovating a KH, but the committee said it had to be done by approved contractors (read: fellow JWs). The JW contractors were quoting up to 50% more than non-JWs. The brother complained and was subsequently booted. But in time, the committee brothers were found out by the WTS and the committee was disbanded and some of them DFd. I guess they didn't like small timers weaseling in on their turf. It's like a bad Mafia movie...

  • EyesOpenHeartBroken

    Undercover--Wow! I had no clue. What a scam. JWs: the most honest people in the world (NOT!)

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