Hello, fairly new, studying for around 7 months, just thought I would introduce myself.

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  • Finkelstein

    After this-I still believe in a god, I still believe a Man called Jesus Christ died for our sins. I am not sure it went exactly as the bible states it does, so I do not know what that makes me. As if I think it may of went slightly differently to the bible, I guess I am not Christian-maybe I am classed as agnostic?

    Nice job in evaluating some of the lies and deceptions orchestrated by this religoius cult and the self supporting corruption by its engaging members.

    But you've still got a ways to go to really understand what happened 2000 years ago concerning the returning Hebrew Messiah and to further extent ancient mythology.

  • Conanthebeliever

    Thank you all for your kind replies.

    OK, I guess I fit a Christian then, just not a fundamentalist.

    Giordana, I also do not think it is good to study with him, even trying to show him the Pinata's now are acceptable as 'times change', on the JW.orgs very own online library, was not true to him-it was fake.

    I did tell him about the peadophile issue in Australia, to be told how do I know it was 1000, the Jehovah's witnesses must of come forward about it, when explained that in fact, not one did, was when he pretty much saw red.

    Yes, my Mum said to me "I could imagine he could get quite violent"-I had never seen him like that before, and was when I realised how far gone they are.

    He was born into it, so I guess the brainwashing started at a young age. They also told me that shunning is not true, you can still speak to disfellowshipped family members, just not about spiritual matters. I knew this to be untrue. I genuinely believe he believes that though, as he speaks to his sisters, who were baptized witnesses and left the faith-but talks about how bad they are. I, and my mum, thought are they actually bad-or is it because they are not JW's.

    And thank you Slidin fast, I am so glad I found this site. I really think you saved me by helping me with research, from going down a road I really do not want to go down-I could never shun people I know, especially if I did not know what they had done. Fair enough if they killed my family or something, that would be quite different though than a often trivial matter that results in a life of torment for individuals.

    I realise that if I went down that route, I would also in a few years be as non thinking as my 'friend' is.

    I have a feeling he won't contact me anymore if I am honest, apart from dropping off some material every now and then. I just got the vibe, but I was glad we ended on fairly good terms.

    Finkelstiein-that is very true. I will never really know what really happened 2000 years ago-that I have to decide for myself, after all, history is written by the winners-we know what we get told, a lot of information can be omitted or changed. I guess I will have a long road ahead of me, but one that I enjoy, without JW influence.

    Thank you all, for literally saving my future. You opened my eyes bigtime, and I can never repay that.

    All the best, Conan.

  • Alive!

    Well done Conan.

    You don't need to 'class' yourself as anything .....

    How sad your freind got 'hot under the collar' when you explained it was the victims who reported the crimes, not the org....

    The 'live' ARC videos show Watchtower lawyers in front of an Australian court dodging questions.....yet admitting not ONE case had been reported by the organisation, despite them having 'confessions' from accused paedophiles at watchtower judicials.

    Now you've seen it goes exactly as predicted.

    Thank goodness you stumbled upon this site before you were baptised and subjected to their manipulation, deception and control.

    Well done :-)

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Nice one. it was better for you to see it yourself than always wonder if we'd led you astray.

    You might like to continue your research rather than just settling down believing whatever you do though. Apply the same due diligence to your current beliefs.

    If you want a reading list just ask.

  • Conanthebeliever

    Alive!-that is true, I don't need to class myself as anything, I guess I just wanted to know where I fall really.

    I understand having my own mind though and learning myself, will allow me to understand where I fall myself :).

    I was sad too, especially when he defended a convicted child molester as "Naive, who just liked stroking children on his lap"-this made huge alarm bells ring for me.

    I have not seen the live ARC videos, I think I will have to watch them-I never realised they dodged questions during it, but I can now definitely imagine it.

    Yes, it went exactly as I was told it would, I would get told it was apostate material, they would not become so nice, and even when shown evidence deny it-that is dangerous.

    And I am so glad, and thankful this site exists. If it wasn't for here, I would still be under the illusion that JW's are perfect.

    And Witness my fury, I completely agree-now I have actually seen it for myself, I know in my mind 100% I have not been lied to on here, what I have been told is true, as it all panned out as I was told it likely would, even down to what they would say.

    I have PM'ed you, I hope you don't mind, regarding a reading list.

    Thank you all, and I hope you are all OK today, Conan.

  • Listener
    Good on you for doing your own research Conan and I'm glad to hear that things went well.
  • Crazyguy
    What pedophile was he defending? And what exactly did you point out on jw.org that he said was apostate lies?

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