Hello, fairly new, studying for around 7 months, just thought I would introduce myself.

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  • Conanthebeliever

    Hello everyone, I hope you are all OK.

    My name is Conan, I am 25, and from the UK.

    I have some brain damage, so I apologise in advance if my syntax is off or I go a long way around explaining things.

    I used to see JW's as just strange people, who knocked at your door occasionally, but I always had a discussion with them, and also I worked in a care home, and a resident was a JW, and her friend would come every week to read to her-I am now good friends with the lady who read to her. She come around the other day with a get well card and some grapes, I thought a lot of that.

    I was searching for a long time for a faith, as I just had a feeling that there was something I needed to know.

    I went through many faiths, searching, and could never seem to find the right one.

    This was, until around 7 months ago, when two JW's knocked at my door, and was very friendly-I was ill at the time, and they asked if I wished to do a study as I was asking so many questions. I now do a weekly study with my friend who called on me, and also have attended Sunday meetings from the beginning (I have had to miss 2 sundays, for the first time ever, due to having a bad infection-I should be fine for the thursday meeting and my study on Friday though).

    During the study, from the beginning I was shocked to learn that what JW's believe was already what I believed, I just did not know it.

    What I love the most about this faith is that I am not told "This is it, you must believe it", but am told to go and do my own research into the matter if I want to, and make my own conclusions. I have not been lied to ever, and I like that.

    I also really like my local Kingdom hall, I have made many friends. Now, this may sound very odd, but who I am studying with enjoys some metal, mainly metallica, and so do I. The elders are aware of this, and have said it is not the music that is inherently bad-it is how it affects you personally.

    If it makes you happy, and is not inherently evil lyric wise, it is fine-however, if it makes you depressed or have bad feelings, then it is bad-which is common sense, another thing I like, a lot of what I have found is common sense. Also, generally just being kind to others, I have always been that way, and people saw me as 'strange' for seeming to care about others as much as myself, and thought I had some personal hidden agenda, as they could not imagine doing something for free with no gain for themselves-they did not understand I enjoy helping others, that IS my reward.

    So, I thought I would just introduce myself, and hopefully get to know more people on here.

    All the best, and kind regards, Conan.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Hi Conan, glad you made it here. Yes friends are a really good thing to have and helping others for no personal reward shows you love mankind!

    I'm glad too that you have been encouraged to research for yourself.This really is the most important thing for you at your stage of learning.

    If you only were to read one side of a story without the proper knowledge of the facts, it can easily look very distorted.

    Most of us here have been amazed how different things look when you do an unbiased investigation into the reasons for writing the Bible and the origins of religious organisations.

    I hope you enjoy finding out what truth is!

  • nowwhat?
    Please go to to jwfacts.com and you will be able to draw your own conclusions. P.s. I love metallica too
  • Alfred
    I'm glad that elders now allow JWs to listen to Satanic music... I especially love the song "Devil's Dance" by Metallica.
  • Conanthebeliever

    Hi everyone.

    I have been reading quite a bit on here, and thank you nowwhat? for the site showing jwfacts.

    I realise I have been learning one side of the story, and taking JW's to be these kind, misunderstood people-but if I ever left because they could not answer one of my questions, they would no longer be my friends?

    I believe in a god, I believe in Christ, but I really do not like what I am reading.

    It seems that my friends who told me to be careful were right. I am just being fed half truths, and I am now scared.

    I class the person I am doing my study with as a true friend, who is going through a lot at the moment, and I want to be there for him, but I understand if I no longer study, he will not be my friend :(.

    I really am confused now joining here, but it might be the best thing I ever did if what I am reading is true.

    I have a feeling of sadness, but also freedom.

    Am I a bad person for joining here, wanting to meet other witnesses, then seeing the awful stories, and the real facts on JW's, and thinking that I could well be making a big mistake if I continue-possibly the biggest in my life.

    Thank you everyone, and all the best, Conan.

  • Landy
    I really am confused now joining here, but it might be the best thing I ever did if what I am reading is true.

    I think most of it is true but a lot of it will also be tainted by not a small amount of bitterness.

    The problem is both viewpoints, the one get in your study and the one from here, will be polarised.

    Ultimately you need to make your own mind up - no one else can do that for you but the fact you're having serious doubts should be an indicator for you.

  • Conanthebeliever

    Landy, that is true, there will be bitterness I guess from people who have left.

    I like to know both sides of something before I commit to it-like for instance, the moon landings. I researched them, and made my own mind up about them.

    I think I already have my mind made up-you are correct that my serious doubts are a big indicator-it is just when I go to the Kingdom hall, somehow, them doubts are not there. I don't know if it is due to everyone being so nice it just makes me forget.

    I KNOW thinking about it though, not everyone likes me, I can tell-one is an old teacher who was very nasty, I can tell by the way she hardly talks to me or if she does, the fake smile is a giveaway.

    I am going to do a lot more reading to make my own mind up, but I think I know which way it is going to go. I know I will miss my 'friend' though.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    I think Landy is right Conan. You will get a different perspective from both sides of the divide. i don't doubt that the person who is studying with you is a good person and a friend.

    I am sorry that you have sustained brain damage. I hope that you get the support you need. I am afraid that JWs despite their efforts at doing what they think of as good do attract a lot of vulnerable people. I don't want to label you or insult you but your brain injury suggests that you need some support. It sounds though from your posts that you have your wits about you. and I hope you can use them to decide sensibly.

    The thing I like about JWFacts is that it more than everything just quotes JW publications. It is important Conan to look at the facts objectively and make a decision based on that. JWs are friendly, persuasive people. Just make sure that you know what you are contracting to if you get baptised. It is a contract and will be enforced. If you understand this and it's ramifications then fine.

    Anyway, the very best of luck to you.

  • HBH


    You may not necessarily lose your friend if you stop studying, although he may become more distant. If you are not baptized, you won't necessarily be shunned. The people being "nice" at the hall is what is know as "love bombing".

    If you tell the person you are studying with what you have discovered, he will label the material "apostate" saying they are lies from Satan. This is know as an "ad hominem" attack. It is type of "logical fallacy". Logical fallacies are used extensively by JW's. I suggest you learn the many types, and how they are used.

    Bear in mind that JW's believe that 7 men in New York are directing the world's only true religion and there is no transparency in the organization and their leaders.

    All the best,


  • freddo


    What do you believe regarding the moon-landings?

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