Cart "witnessing" in Rio during the 2016 Olympiad

by oppostate 15 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • millie210
    Look at the crowds storming them for literature!

    LOL! That made me laugh so hard I have tears!

    Thanks ttdt~

  • HomebytheSea

    I'd much rather watch the events than stand by a cart. Interesting that so many countries are represented & getting along in Rio without divine intervention...

  • nakanozzi
    the cables coming down make them look like puppets

    You're killing me

  • nakanozzi

    Hi, opostate.

    I posted your story on my Japanese blog.

    Check it out.

    Japanse blog

    It is very well received !

  • prologos

    Oh, lympic, barely limping along, spiritually speaking.

  • Tenacious

    The more I learn about how the average JW is mind conditioned the sorrier I feel for these people who actually believe they are doing right.

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