God’s Kingdom Rules! to Be Considered at Congregation Bible Study

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  • fastJehu
    Thanks for all you download support. Great job.
  • User99

    Yes, thanks to wifibandit and all who provide this food at the proper time!🍴

    I skipped ahead to chapter 5 paragraph 5-7 of that book for some reason. Maybe those "flashes of light" have already been discussed on other threads. I'm reading that section a second and third time, since it seems a little too smoothly worded for my comfort level. Trying to decide if and how to share with my "in" relatives that I will be seeing soon.

  • User99

    I get sucked into this cognitive dissonance often, but I find myself catching it a little sooner after reading it, after a couple of years of being 'awake'.

    The visit with family went about as expected. They defended the WT like I was attacking our own mother on Mother's Day, so I've decided not to pursue family visits in the future.

  • prologos

    I sped read through it when it first came out. speed reading reading with one eye starting at the bottom, with the other at the top simultaneously, and not a peep of "jesus' rule touching "his enemies", no, only over the congregation, "jesus" orchestrating every move of the newly minted, but only lately discovered F&DS of 1919. and

    is that not the case since Pentecost, according to Colossians 1:13, "transfered them into the KINGDOM of his son's love--?"

  • Phizzy
    Whenever I studied anything by the JW Org that was about god's kingdom I became depressed by the thought that it had simply done nothing.....ever.

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