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  • Foolednomore

    My mom has been on the fence for awhile. She has done a laundry list for Watchtower. So I asked her, would you continue to invest in a company that promises outrageous dividends but never delivers? She She said no. It would be foolish. I asked her to think of time, energy, and yes money spent on Watchtower and all the promises. And still nothing. You're getting older and near death. She has come to the conclusion that Watchtower is a waste.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    How old? How much other family away from the hall? The thing to watch is her investment in friends and social structure. If she voices too much what will happen?

  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    That sounds like good news to me! I love your analogy of investment in a company that promises outrageous dividends but never delivers. I've heard older ones say, "they had too much invested to leave now". ??? I guess they feel trapped holding a bag of worthless promises. I learned to sell the "loser stock" high on promises and low on return on investment (ROI) and move on, investing in something else. There is no difference between Ponzi scheme swindler Bernie Madoff and WTBTS. They both print and distribute material based on lies, monthly financial statements, or printed religious materials that mislead individuals and families to believe they are in a much better place in their trust of the pathological liars. Some believed they have a lot of wealth in an investment account that Bernie Madoff oversaw and others have "treasures in heaven" for their wonderful treatment of Christ's Bride on earth, the remnant, the Governing Body. All of them are liars and manipulators. What makes WTBTS so sick is they will continually "beat" you and your family because what you give is never enough and demand more, more, and even more! We even foolishly paid to hear those "pack your bags, we're going on a guilt trip" talks at the district and circuit levels and applauded when finished.

  • LongHairGal


    Maybe your mom doesn’t want to leave the JW religion because her whole life revolves around it. It doesn’t matter if she sees all the broken promises because she’s there for the ‘friends’ she has..As long as YOU can see it who cares if she wants to stay in.


    I know about ‘older ones’ who have too much time invested there. But, if anybody analyzes the whole thing .. the JW religion itself cannot deliver ANYTHING. They are telling people that somebody ELSE namely, God, is going to deliver! The ever sought-after carrot on the stick (Paradise), is supposedly going to be delivered by somebody ELSE.

    I remember how they constantly berated everybody that whatever they did was never enough. It wasn’t enough that I did my few hours of service on the weekends. No, I was supposed to give up my full-time job and pursue poverty to be in the ministry (so said the hypocrites with cushy lives already collecting THEIR pensions). I wouldn’t be retired today if I followed this garbage.

    I’m so glad I walked away from all this. It was so unhealthy mentally.

  • Foolednomore

    I have mom living with me at the villa. And no one can just walk on in. I have control of her finances which she wanted me to take control since she has dementia. Her care person is aware of the sneaky Jw's and how I don't want them around mom. After all, all they want is money. But from time to time when she is at the bakery some Jw's would start talking to her, but my sister comes in and tells mom that all they want is money.

  • LongHairGal


    Very good for looking after your mom now that she is in a vulnerable mental state!

    We did the same with my Dad in his mental decline the years before he died. Even though we weren’t Jehovah’s Witnesses he was targeted left and right. I remember once yelling into the phone at some young female who kept calling him about the car warranty. I was on the other extension listening in. I told her she called three times that day and Never call again.. Some of these pains in the ass are legit but Will stop harassing a senior when they Know family members are on the scene looking out for them!.. As for the others that are just predators looking out for what they can get, you just have to be vigilant in blocking numbers, freezing credit reports, etc. This is a terrible reality in this day and age.

    If I were still in the religion (which I’m Glad I’m not) I would be directly bothered for money along with anybody who looks halfway decent. Doesn’t matter that I was criticized for my full-time job. They have selective memory loss and it sounds like they are in desperation mode.. I don’t want anything to do with them… Why would anybody in their right mind want to be around this? 👎

  • Biahi

    Fooled no more, when these elderly ones have doubts but don’t want to leave, that’s called “sunk cost fallacy.” My mom has it, too. So sad. And, LHG, you are right about these scammers targeting seniors, you are so right. Thru my employment, I knew of a lady in her nineties, who was sending money to political people. Her son put a stop to her getting these mailed solicitations. So, they began to call her, and even offered to pick her up, and drive her to the bank, so she could make a donation. What nerve! But her son hired a caregiver, who was instructed by him to get rid of these charlatans.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Your Mom would be better off never having heard of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Think of it. All the uninformed have to do is die before Armageddon and their death pays for all of their past sins and so they are sure to have a resurrection and a chance at eternal life...whereas your mom has worked for the Watchtower for decades and is no better off than the worldling who did nothing and believed nothing.

    She worked for nothing in more ways than one.

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