Weird Exodus the Musical

by darkspilver 3 Replies latest jw friends

  • darkspilver

    no idea, totally no idea, just weird, really weird...

    Though it's amazing how well Gilbert and Sullivan stands up to this - indestructible

  • Xanthippe

    Oh no Pirates of Penzance meets Moses!! Well I guess it's a Victorian religion!


    And there is always Sis. Larger than Life who has to be in front of the proceedings -

    Shame maybe he always wanted to do Pirates ! He could of course join his local G and S Society ..............but ...............then again ......he would miss meetings and be slyly enticed away from the Troooof . NO ...No ....This is a trap ........he must flee from this....Satan is very busy with Jehovah's people these days !

  • smiddy

    Where is your sense of humour ,I couldnt stop smirking ,of course I couldnt understand a word anybody was saying,they were talking/singing so fast .

    Who were these people ? not JW`s surely ,but then again nowadays it wouldnt surprise me.

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