AUSTRALIA: Christian lobby group seeks to discriminate against the mentally ill

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  • jwleaks

    ABC News (Australia)

    13 June 2017

    A national Christian group is lobbying for the Disability Discrimination Act to be changed so that it can discriminate against people with mental illnesses, on the basis they could upset the "sacred" nature of church services.

    FamilyVoice has called for a religious exemption to the Act, arguing it interferes with freedom of religion.

    In a submission to a federal parliamentary inquiry on freedom of belief, FamilyVoice said a person with a mental illness had the potential to interfere with a church service.

    "For very good reasons a religion may not wish to engage a person who has a mental illness and displays disturbed behaviour," the submission read.

    "A simple provision should be added for an exemption from the act for persons ... whose conscientious beliefs do not allow them to comply" . . .

    If they fail they could always fall back on the teachings of jehovah and the Watchtower who declare that if you go near "mentally diseased" people you could catch their disease and die.

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  • Rainbow_Troll
    So the churches will be empty? Sounds good to me!
  • waton

    example: wt study comments by jws known to be on medication, insanity given a microphone and amplified. ample reason to curb such intrusions. illness deserves quarantine.

  • darkspilver

    The story appears to be about Priests and Church Ministers, rather than rank-and-file congregation members

    as per the UK's Daily Mail:

    Church group slammed for 'cruel' plan to ban disabled priests from leading prayers in case their 'disturbed behaviour disrupts sacred services'

    Christian group has been slammed for its proposed ban on disabled and mentally ill priests and ministers in services if they display 'disturbed behaviour'

    FamilyVoice is calling for a religious exemption to Disability Discrimination Act

    Said the behaviour would adversely affect church services which are sacred

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