Has anyone ever been surprised you were a dub?

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  • obiwan

    It's kinda funny I've had quite a few people that were amazed that I used to be a jw, some have even thought I was b/s them. I guess after so many years I cover it up well. Has anyone else run into the same thing?


    Obiwan...it has only been in the last little while that I've been able to tell people (non-JWs) that I had ever been one.

    I had many years of shame and embarrassment. I would not even tell my worldly friends.

    Now? Different story, I am able to discuss it, and also WARN others: STAY AWAY

    But I know what you mean, because when people find out I've been a JW, they go: "You were?" - they can't believe it.

    I'm with you there. We must really surprise people eh? Even better, we can tell them the truth about the 'truth'.

  • Hamas

    Nobody really shows that much disbelief.

    At my old workplace, I decided to get Sundays off work ( it was retail ) by saying I was Christian, which my manager didn't believe. I didn't go into telling him all about my JW past, but he soon believed I was a Christian when he done a staff search and found only a GOOD NEWS BIBLE in my bag.

    To this day I relive that moment, a supreme moral victory as I am sure he thought he was going to find some stolen goods! Haha, you see, being Christian does pay off ( sometimes )

  • Xena

    lol yea I get this " YOU used to be a Jehovah Witness???? " or as my boss likes to call me "a Judas Priest"

    I take it as a compliment

  • rocketman

    Oh Xena, you be such a baaaad girl!

    Me, little ol me, so well behaved, immaculately attired, so gracious in all I say and do - why, people always thought I was a Witness!

  • scotsman

    Even when I was a elder people were surprised when they found out I was a witness. I dressed in an thrift shop style - velvet jacket and flares - when they expected mormon suits or jesus sandals. thankfully i no longer feel the need to dress to confound preconceptions.

    edited to add

    on reflection my JWism was always perceived as exotic. And continues to be seen as an exotic part of my past.

  • Prisca

    You mean that look they give you, as if you have two heads? (similar to this ----> )

    Yep, I've had that reaction, although I don't go around broadcasting to the world that I used to be a JW.

  • SpunkyChick

    Yes, as I'm flashing my b00bies at Mardi Gras, my friends are shocked I was ever a JW!! LOL!

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