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  • zeb

    There is an add that appears often here about a 'messianic bible, free reserve yours now.' I contacted them and not wanting anything for free i sent what I thought was a fair price for such a bible. No bible they seem to be working on it. I got lots of stuff re various special days and festivals to be shared but no bible. Fortunately I also found an 'unsubscribe' link.

  • smiddy

    Did you pay money up front zeb ? Is it a scam ?

    On another note I just wonder how many different Bible versions do we need ? or are even necessary ?

    Doesnt it just add to more confusion as to what these Bible translators/Bible Societys say GOD meant?

    If their was /is a God couldnt he have set matters straight Centuries ago clarifying what he said /meant in the first place instead of the ridiculous position we are in today with so many translations /interpretations as to what he is supposed to have said /meant ?

    Not even taking into account the volumes of commentary,theosophical discussions,Bible Dictionarys,etc.etc. speaking for God.

    I mean to say he is supposed to be the Creator of the Universe and yet he cant give us HIS actual words and meaning of the Bible ?


    Don't pay no body for Religion in any form \~ Was scammed once - for half a century !

  • pale.emperor

    I was approached by some Catholics in town only the otherday selling little crosses and blessed virgin necklaces. One of them approached me trying to sell something. I told him "Didnt Jesus turn the money changers out of the temple for this sort of thing?" his reply was something like "the Jews were cheating eachother etc etc." then my reply was "God doesnt need money. If he can provide manna in the wilderness but cant fund your cause then that tells me he doesnt have your backing".

    If God needs to sell his own book then he aint no God.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    Ah, but @smiddy, the obscure nature of God's word is His way of drawing earnest searchers' hearts. Those who heard a parable delivered by Jesus would either say, "well, that's a nice story," and walk away. But those who were sincere stayed back and probed deeper to find the true meaning behind his words. Satan is in full force blinding men from the Word of God. To prove ourselves righteous, we must keep digging for those Spiritual Gems!

    ...Guh, how long for the tired sales pitch voice in my head to die off? I'm two weeks into my fade.

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