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  • JohnTron72

    The scripture said you must worship with Spirit and Truth. The publications you read which are called Spritual food from Jehovah, are written by those who are supposed to be the closest to God and are anointed. They claimed for decades to you that it was the Creator's promise that those living during 1914 would live to see the fullfilment of the promise of a New Earth. What Generation? ( Those living during 1914) with Certainty they said. These words failed, 117 years passed and still this promise by Spirit guided men who claimed to be Jehovah's mouthpiece, were wrong. Was Jehovah Wrong? Or do Jehovah's words fail ?-NO so, those words were not spirit directed by the GB. The scripture made it clear that the prophet who says things that do not come true are not from me. Would Jehovah allow so many to be hurt by a failed promise written down using his name? The GB take votes as to what they agree to put out in the publications or broadcast as New Light. How can a vote be God's Spirit? How can Truth be wrong and for so long? How can the GB blame "Jehovah's People" for speculating about when the fullfilment would come since, it was the GB who wrote these hopes down as Certain and from Jehovah? The fact is those in the lead should be held accountable for wrong Truths to show that the words were from themselves and Not from Jehovah who's word doesn't change! In Solomon's day the priest who went into the Holy of Holies had to measure up to JEHOVAH'S standards or he would die instantly and would be dragged out by other priest to bury. Stop letting unworthy prophets tell you they speak for Jehovah.

  • waton

    JT, welcome. while The GB was still spirit directed***, they explained it all by making the last generation, into 2 overlapping groups (like the Elijah/ Elisha deal).

    Part of those 2 groups will be still alive in 2075.

    *** they have stopped claiming that in the baptism "oath" that jws swear.

  • smiddy3

    I gave you a like JohnTron72 and gave you an "A" for effort.I might add that the Bible says that believers should be baptised in the name of the Father the Son and Holy Spirit ,Jehovah`s Witnesses do not do this.

    So they do not follow 1st Century Christianity as they claim.

  • waton
    So they do not follow 1st Century Christianity as they claim.

    s3: and like in last week's wt " study ", they speak of observing Jesus' commands, and the he disappears and it becomes the other J. and

    truly they only "observe", watch from distance, especially when the bread and wine is passed.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Are they baptizing in the name of the Father, Son and spirit-led organization. I thought that changed. What do you think the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is?

  • Sherman

    Stop letting unworthy prophets tell you they speak for Jehovah.


    Its a false religion that portrays itself as a true righteous religion devoted and loyal to Jehovah and his will and purpose, when in reality JWS are loyal and subservient to false prophet apostate charlatans, the leaders of the WTS.

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