Stuttering Problems

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  • JH

    I knew a brother who stuttered alot in the congregation. When he spoke, he had a hard time saying what he wanted to say. I guess that being nervous at the hall making comments made matters worse.

    For these people, going out in the field service was quite hard, I imagine.

    Did you know any brothers who stuttered alot?

    Did you have pity for them, because they were forced to talk just as much as other people with no disability?

  • garybuss
    Did you know any brothers who stuttered alot?


  • proplog2

    I have been in several congregations with stutterers. If they got 15 to 20 hours per month in service they became elders and were granted stage time in which they could torture the audience for 15 minutes or more every week. I don't know who suffered the most the stutterer or the audience. I am sympathetic toward people with special challenges but if the objective is "communication" you don't want a system that is full of static.

  • seawolf


  • seawolf

    I never knew of any witness stutters myself. I vaguely recalling of hearing some stories about one in Arizona and the problems he had.

  • Aztec

    It wasn't just brothers who had stuttering problems. I still have a slight stutter. However, it's mostly when I get nervous or excited. Yes, going door to door was difficult, but, I'm sure it was for most children, not just us stutterers. :) ~Aztec

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