Attn. Scientology bought anticult web site.

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  • peacefulpete

    This is not new to any who have read Steve Hassan's book Releasing the bonds but I feel it is worth posting. The Cult Awareness Network (CAN) was the largest cult exit and recovery organization. It was erroneously sued by various cults as desiring to deprive freedom of religion, the costs put the organization into bankruptcy. The organization's name, phone number and PO box were auctioned off. Guess who bought it? A member of the Church of Scientology. The site has since then disguised this fact and has been actively misrepresenting the facts about cults and mind control. Even denying that mind control exists! They attack as ungodly and unscholarly those leading the field in cult recovery psychology. The "cult-instilled phobia of anti-religious deprogrammers are reinforced". (to quote the book.) Those interested in researching what cults are and how to leave need to be careful of this and other websites that are in fact operated by cults offering disinformation. I recommend the AFF (American Family Foundation)but there are others equally qualified to offer help. The AFF is sponsored by a Jewish organization but the site operates on it's own terms, and most the doctors that post are not Jewish and have independent practices. In my opinion it is an example of a religion doing some good with it's assets.

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    Guess who bought it?

    Wow..I missed this story...

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    Just when you thought you were safe!

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