UK proposed mandatory child abuse reporting

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  • Lostandfound

    From The Guardian newspaper today in UK not sure how any change will affect JWs

    Teachers and doctors will face criminal sanctions if they fail to report concerns that children are being abused, under controversial proposals to be discussed in a government consultation.

    The clamour for changes to the UK’s child protection law has been growing since the Jimmy Savile scandal, which exposed how the DJ abused hundreds of young victims at institutions across the country. It emerged that, despite the fact that many people had concerns about Savile’s behaviour, very few raised them with the authorities.

    In response, the government will shortly announce a 12-week consultation on the mandatory reporting of abuse – in what is being described by supporters as the biggest and most important debate around child protection measures for decades.

    The consultation is the result of lobbying from Mandate Now, the largest coalition of survivor charities in the UK, which has been pushing for a law requiring staff who work in regulated activities to report concerns about the welfare of children and vulnerable adults to their local authority.

    The coalition’s founder, Tom Perry, who was the first complainant in the Caldicott School child abuse scandal, said that mandatory reporting of suspected or known child abuse was a “vital component” of a functioning child protection system and has the potential to positively impact the lives of millions.

    Perry explained that currently there is no obligation on anyone working in a regulated activity to report the fact that they had witnessed abuse. This is in stark contrast to many countries, where this is obligatory. Mandate Now claims that more than four-fifths of five developed nations have some form of mandatory reporting. However, the government has been dithering over when to introduce the consultation because of concerns about feasibility.

  • flipper

    LOST AND FOUND- Thanks for posting this. Now we will see whether they hold religions to that same level of responsibility in making mandatory reporting or religious leaders will face criminal prosecution. The problem we face here in the U.S. is there is a general lax attitude in prosecuting religious leaders when it comes to hiding these crimes. Religion gets away with far too much shit rolling downhill- and religions never seem to roll downhill with any damage concerning child abuse. Not unless the leaders themselves are the molesters- THEN the media will get up in arms about it- i.e. Warren Jeffs ( Mormons ), hundreds of Catholic priests ( Catholics ) . No wonder WT leaders want to hide the database JW pedophile list- one or more of their leaders is most probably on that list THEN WT Society would be REALLY screwed if one of the GB started getting prosecuted. The media would be on that like flies on you know what.

    It's good that they are taking this seriously in England , I hope the authorities start doing the same here in the U.S. Thanks for posting this

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