Fixed up marriages?

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  • JH

    Did it happen in your congregation that marriages seemed to be fixed up. If you were a son or a daughter of an elder, probably you were expected to choose a very spiritual mate.

    Did you see this very often, or did you also see very spiritual marry not so spiritual?

    I pity the children who had to live up to the expectations of these so called "spiritual men".

  • Reborn2002

    To an extent.

    In my old congregation quite a number of older elder's wives liked to dabble in everyone's business and attempt to play matchmaker.

    It happens. It all really depends on the individuals and the location.

  • SheilaM

    Ya, they had Thunder all slated for this hick ucky girl, who had the nicest Mom. I showed up and ruined their matchmaking LOL

  • 95stormfront

    Happened all the time in the first congregation I attended. It was creepy the way all those kids were pared up between the adults in those families almost from the time they hit puberty, and married off together as soon as they turned 17 or 18. AFter the lust wore off, most of them were divorced son after.

    I knew at least one elder's kid who was on his second marriage to yet another unsuspecting and what he hoped for, spiritual virgin sister. Last I heard after a few years, that marriage soured too.

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