A Landlord Glimpse on Tenant’s Property

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  • Loi_241

    I do not have a wish. When I look back, I wish that a landlord glimpse on my property and so she does not want more than me renting her home. But, I still do not have a wish because she wants more money; she does not have to be satisfied to what she has. And so a landlord commanded me to give the exact gifts, not let me to be a generous tenant to give whatever is from my heart. This landlord is not human to me. She acts like a lion that prey me and make my wish be turned off my dreaming vacation and loving to a man I want. So I lost my saving account. This is what a landlord views on saving account. I’ll discuss it.

    The saving account is one of a wish to be happened. For example, a tenant can save up to $100.00 a month for her dreaming vacation. She wants to make sure that her landlord is not asking for the saving account. But a landlord is careless about a tenant’s money. What are a landlord views on money?

    A landlord mentions that a saving account is not for a tenant. It is for the bills and for the needs of other people. She’s really a female dog! And the mind of a landlord is totally nonsense. Because of her goal is to destroy the property of a tenant.

    Okay, now, will each landlord do what a landlord did to a tenant? They must be a No. A landlord should glimpse on tenant’s property. Because of it is none of her/his business. Sadly, however, a landlord of mine was not a woman who glimpse on tenant’s property.

    Author’s note:

    A landlord in this article is a devout Jehovah’s Witness sister from my former congregation. She always prefers to have one tenant who is only Jehovah’s Witness, not a non-Witness. To me, she does not consider as equality. There are many good people out there who are not just Jehovah’s Witnesses, but a Christian and any good association. So I have a good reason to move out from her house and will never move back again, ever.

  • kramer
  • DesirousOfChange

    You should quit smoking that shit.


  • talesin

    It sounds like English may not be your first language, and some people ^^^ do not realize.

    So, your JW landlady is taking advantage - telling you not to save money, interfering in your personal business?

    I think you have very good reason to move out! xx

  • sparrowdown
    Long story short : Do not rent a property from a devout Jehovah's witness lest she be careless with your tenant money that you saved for your dreaming vacation.
  • Loi_241

    DesirousOfChange, excuse me? I don't smoke. Be a little nice to me. Okay?

  • Loi_241
    talesin, yes. English is not my first language. But I'm glad you understand what happened with me and my former landlord. :)
  • rebelfighter
    You need to watch landlords very closely they think they can steal from you and in some cases they figure they are above the law. As a tenant make yourself aware of what you tenant/landlord laws are and don't be afraid to quote them.
  • talesin
    Yes, and it's a 'lesson'. Never rent from people you know socially, or from work. It's strictly business. The government is not going to protect you, you have to be wary.

    I hope your new housing is much better. :)

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