What Freedom of Religion Should Mean

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  • freemindfade

    There is a lot of talk from the media/news powers that be about "freedom of religion" and the constitution of the United States. I was thinking about it this morning and I think they should make an Amendment to this freedom of religion "right".

    If your religion by its nature, character and policies would in any way punish or abuse (shunning, intimidation, death) its adherents for exercising freedom to leave said religion, you have forfeit your right of being called a religion and the freedoms associated with it. You don't practice freedom of religion, YOU DON'T GET IT.

    Think about Jehovah's Witnesses who arrogantly boast of their contribution to the religious freedoms in America, all the while if a member wants to leave the religion they are emotionally & socially destroyed.

    Just something to think about.

    FMF for president

  • Vidiot

    I remember back when I was still in and stumbling across the Wikipedia entry on JWs.

    There was one bit that really stuck in my brain and wouldn't go away...

    ...whilst acknowledging the contributions the WTS had made to "freedom of speech", the entry also pointedly noted that said freedom was not practiced internally.

    What really stopped me short was that I could not, in all honesty, disagree.

  • freemindfade

    Any religion that benefits from "freedom of religion" provisions but promotes:

    1. Hate against women
    2. Hate against homosexuals
    3. Hate against non-believers
    4. Hate against apostates & critics
    5. Hate against a particular race

    Should have their freedom flushed down the toilet

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