Celtic's Eclectic Music Collection

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  • MebyonKernow

    As you can only begin to imagine LOL over the years I've amassed a rather odd music collection.

    No particular genre grabs me - I just enjoy damn good music. Some soft and gentle, some metal, some British foot stomping folk music, some mysterious and sad music...I have very broad musical taste.

    On a whim now and again I'll post up a track or two to whet your musical palette and appetite. I'll start off with gentle and soft. This one below was down at the Minack Theatre near Lands End in Cornwall just down the road.

    KT Tunstall - Shanty of The Whale

  • MebyonKernow

    A long time favourite artist of mine - I listen to this sometimes in the woods in my van with a camp fire going. On a full moon up on Exmoor or Dartmoor it doesn't get much better, sipping on a few glasses of red wine with Elpi my dog for company and smoking a spliff completely relaxed in utter peace and quiet.

    Loreena McKinnitt - Arthas Destiny

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