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  • Englishman

    This is a site that contains all the details from the England & Wales census of 1901. The site is now working, BTW!

    This is what you need:

    The name of your relative (obviously!).

    His age within + or - 5 years in 1901.

    A rough idea of which part of the country he was born in.

    You can now do a free search, and the site will tell you if it has the details you require.

    But now, my friends you pay! You have to credit your account to the sum of £5, and then all extra details will be subtracted from this amount in 50 or 75 pence portions.

    I have searched for all my grandparents who were around 3 or 4 years old in 1901 with 100% success. Also, once I have paid my fee, I have been given access to the original documents in which their details were painstakingly handwritten, as well as a modern easy to read version, all downloadable.

    For example, I searched for my paternal Grandmothers listing. She was in the record as a 1 year old, but also noted were here many brothers and sisters. The address at which they lived was there, their parents, their ages, their occupations and even whether or not they were feebleminded or lunatic.

    I even found that great great grandmother who was born in 1829 had moved in with my newly wed grandparents.

    Give it a go!


  • ballistic

    Thanks for the tip, I think I will!

  • mattnoel
  • Sentinel

    My great grandfather, on my mother's side, was born in Ireland. The family name is Grimes. He came over here with his family, probably in the early 1800's, married and had twelve children. He ended up being a drunk and treated his family so miserably and abusively, that my own grandfather left home at the age of fourteen due to the severe beatings. He always spoke of his Irish heritage and how he was a proud man, honest and hardworking. Never the abuser his father was. He was tall, and had strawberry hair, and lived to be 94. We were close as grandfather and granddaughter. On the day he died, he had gotten a letter from me.

    Not only do I have relatives here in the US from his side that I've never met, I most likely have Irish relatives across the ocean, there that I've never heard about or seen. I have often wondered about that.

    Interesting site. I just don't have enough facts to do a real search.

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