Are Paul and Peter really comfortable with the amount of their research, before joining the Southern Baptist Convention?

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    was a new boy

    Both went from JW Land to the Southern Baptist Convention.

    Yes, we're all tribal, do some just say, 'To hell with it, I'll just roll the dice?'

    Southern Baptists have some real problems on how they've handled child sex abuse cases.

    Paul Blizard's Ex Jehovah's Witness Testimony: A 3rd Generation JW, a Pioneer, & a Former Bethelite

    1:43:52 Paul says, 'I became a Southern Baptist.'

    And, 'Conclusion
    On Sunday, July 27, on his eightieth birthday, Peter Gregerson was baptized at the First Baptist Church of Gadsden,'

    I was informed his church is a 'church in friendly cooperation with the Southern Baptist Convention.'

    Chaos Erupts Over SBC Legal Filing in Louisville Abuse Lawsuit

    By Bob Smietana October 26, 2023
    abuse reform abusersPastor Mike Keahbone, center, leads prayer with the Southern Baptist Convention’s Abuse Reform Implementation Task Force during the SBC annual meeting at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Wednesday, June 14, 2023. (RNS photo by Emily Kask)

    'Abuse survivors, along with some members of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee and the SBC’s abuse reform task force, have denounced a Kentucky court filing by Southern Baptist entities aimed at limiting their liability for sexual abuse claims.

    A brief filed earlier this year by lawyers for the Executive Committee, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Lifeway, an SBC publisher, argues that a Kentucky law that changed the statute of limitations for making civil claims over abuse — and allowing survivors to sue third parties such as churches or police — should not be applied retroactively.

    “There are no mincing of words here. No holding back. This is disgusting,” abuse survivors Megan Lively, Jules Woodson and Tiffany Thigpen said in a statement released Wednesday.

    A group of Southern Baptist leaders working on abuse reforms also criticized the brief, saying the filing was “a choice to stand against every survivor in Kentucky.”

    “This brief, and the policy arguments made in it, were made without our knowledge and without our approval,” the statement read. “Moreover, they do not represent our values and positions.”

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    Members of the Executive Committee, including Oklahoma pastor Mike Keahbone, expressed dismay at the brief, saying he and other members of the committee were blindsided by it. Keahbone, a member of a task force implementing abuse reforms in the SBC, said the brief undermined survivors such as Thigpen, Woodson and Lively, who have supported the reforms.

    “We’ve had survivors that have been faithful to give us a chance,” he told Religion News Service in a phone interview. “And we hurt them badly.”

    The controversy over the amicus brief is the latest crisis for leaders of the nation’s largest Protestant denomination, which has dealt with a revolving door of leaders and rising legal costs in the aftermath of a sexual abuse crisis in recent years...'
    Christa Brown

    says, 'I'm so sick of all the "we've really got a heart for survivors" crap that's spewing out from all corners of the SBC now. It is as
    observes... "The metaphorical equivalent of a boyfriend telling his girlfriend he loves her while he beats her." #ThisistheSBC #SBCtoo

    'That’s what makes it hurt so much, and that’s what makes me so disappointed in myself: I did, in fact, wind up hurting survivors by what I did.' - Southern Baptist president Bart Barber

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    "Frying pan" & "fire" immediately come to mind.

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