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  • OrphanCrow

    Welcome to the JWR members who have made it over to this forum.

    For anyone who needs to grab info from JWR, the pages archived at the Wayback Machine may be useful.

    These are the archived pages from April 14, 2016:


  • Worldling9

    Thanks OC!


  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    Thanks OrphanCrow

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    OC can you share some insigne to wayback? How long is this info retained and accessible?

  • OrphanCrow

    Designer, I think it is a stable site.

    I have used the resource for several years with good results most times. Once a page is archived there, it stays there.

    In my cyber wanderings, I encounter tons of links that are dead with previously available material no longer at the link address. Often, I have been able to access previously archived pages and resurrect old material. It is awesome for sites that try to hide or change their info.

    However, the Wayback Machine doesn't capture everything - some web addresses have few or no pages archived. It seems that the more traffic a page or site gets, the more often wayback will take a snapshot and archive it.

    Archive.org - and the Wayback Machine on that site - is one of the most frequent and reliable sites on the web that I use.

    Have fun. A person can dig up a lot of old treasures on that site.

  • Mephis

    Thanks OC.

  • mayushii

    Thank you! I didn't know about the Wayback Machine. Bookmarked it!

  • notsurewheretogo

    It's last update was October 2015...

    Some of my bookmarks work...some do not...but still a great find.

    Thank you.

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