Is your Religious Orientation Extrinsic, Intrinsic or Quest?

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    Religious orientation

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    An individual's or community's religious orientation involves presumptions about the existence and nature of God or gods, religious prescriptions about morality and communal and personal spirituality. Such presumptions involve the study of psychology, ethics, sociology and anthropology. ...

    The Wikipedia header above is from a fascinating one page introduction of the three orientations that have been categorized by the four scientific disciplines referenced.

    Extrinsic are the takers, users and gimme pigs.

    Intrinsic find happiness comforting, helping and giving.

    Quest are those who are willing to learn, to change and acknowledge there is no single great "TRUTH"

    All three are subjected to a prejudice test and the results are fascinating

    Please read

    Let's discuss this as it may offer a way to leave the cult without crisis

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