WT 1980 Selective Service registration letter

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  • dropoffyourkeylee

    While looking through my filing cabinet for another post, I found the following WT letter from 1980 that some may find interesting. The WT's stance on the draft (US) has had a profound impact on doctrine and practice which is often overlooked. Many young men started pioneering so as to have a written record that they can present to draft boards to substantiate their claim of 'minister'. This need for a written record is mentioned in this letter. I have come to believe that the 'ministry school' and the classification of 'pioneer' were both legal inventions created for one purpose only, to enable their stance in preparation for the draft issue.

    Anyway, here is the letter:

  • TonusOH

    I may still have my Selective Service card (1986), somewhere in a filing cabinet at home. I was a bit nervous to have it, but after Vietnam the US has been very reluctant to even consider a draft. So I did not expect that I'd ever have to deal with it aside from getting the card.

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