I don't want to go to the meeting and I feel good saying that

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  • notalone

    So last night I got an emotional call from a friend, the same friend that recently said "we sound like a cult." In last night's conversation she said she was tired of the truth. Tired of Jehovah. Tired of the brothers and does not want to do it anymore. She said that when she finally said it she felt really good. She immediately started to recite borg mind control, but she did not go to the meeting and confessed she has been making excuses to not go for a while. She just can't stand the hypocrisy and cliques. She ended the night by stating she will go back to her old cong that she left for the same reasons. She also has made the decision to go and tell the elders all the wrong things that are being done. I assured her that she had sound reasons for her feelings and warned her about confronting the elders.She said she didn't care if they disfellowship her. I don't think she is fully awake, in fact I think she is fighting it but I feel really hopeful. I want her to come to this decision on her own, but be there to support her. I am sharing this because sometimes we think that those still in will never break free, that this is where they want to be, and for some this is true, but the honest hearted are still waking up. The more you tighten your grip the more star systems will slip through your fingers.

  • Giordano

    Good advice about not confronting the Elders.

    I would encourage her to start by taking a break from the JW religion. Experience life by freeing up the extra time and allow for a slow healing.

    If questioned the Searcher had good advice just respond by saying: "I am working on some personal issues and I will reach out if I need help."

    And no there is no point to continue to play their game.

    When my sister-in-law came to live with my wife and I she was In rough shape re her marriage and losing her faith. We took a walk around a small lake and as we walked we talked. Sometimes she would bring up the religion, sometimes restarting her life.....the walks settled her down.

    She told me later that each walk and talk gave her more confidence in her decision making skills. Each walk peeled back another layer of the JW construct.

  • Awakenednow
    Good advice from both! I understand the need to tell off the elders, but I'm so glad I didn't now several years later.
  • ttdtt

    Point her to info to look at.

    I think the Wikipedia articles are fantastic.
    They show all the changes, crazy beliefs of the past "ha ha", the history of infighting in the GB, and on and on.

    Just the facts of an encyclopedia can make the difference.

    There are many pages and sections to go to.


  • steve2

    Be careful that sometimes even fading JWs may have a sudden change of mind (or heart) and everything they said against the organization they subsequently deny - you want to ensure you are "without blame" as it were.

    I myself had one oo many experiences when brothers and sisters took me into their confidence about their disquiet about what was happening in the organization but when the elders turned on me, so did these confiders.

    Once bitten...twice shy.

  • stuckinarut2

    What Steve2 said above!!

    Tread carefully. (just ask "Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho")

  • notalone
    I was extremely careful. I always use scripture and phrases used by jw's. Often it is the very teachings put forward over the years that show their hypocrisy.When my family first started waking up it was the old articles from when I was young that showed me something was going on, something was very wrong, then piece by piece things became clearer.I believe that if someone had said something to me too early I would just have panicked and began reciting all the jw mind mantras. I talked with her today and she has already talked to someone from the other congregation and is following through with the move. I suspect it won't be long before she gets fed up with them. I have time and I am going to hang in there.

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