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  • obiwan

    Does anyone know if it's possible to find out who have been df'd and who has been reinstated? I'm curious because I heard an old friend was df'd, but this information was third party. I don't want to call up and say "Hey long time no see" and get hung up on because of bad info...anyone know?


    Obiwan: I'm so with you on that one.

    What I have done, because I have called people and it sometimes can be an embarrassing situation.

    If you know the person's name, what I have been doing as of late, is cross referencing their name/address and I have written a brief note on a card saying 'hello' - "...not sure of your JW status, but I remember you with fond memories and if you wish, this is my tel. number/mailing address" - that takes the sting of being possibly hung-up upon.

    I have done both: called and written. The written is less intrusive IMHO.

    So once I get their mailing address (phone book) or on-line, I drop them a note.

    Good luck, really!

  • obiwan

    Thanks Razor I'll try that.

  • sf

    Also, try typing them into the search engines with some of their 'vital stats' you are aware of; address, phone number, zip code, old congregation, etc.

    Type in the name and add keywords such as 'jehovah's witnesses' or 'watchtower' or any other keywords that relate.

    I find virtual treasures using these 'tools'. If you like, I can help you out in getting started. Just ask.

    Happy trails!


  • Jayson

    Disfellowshipping is a procedure which is laid down in the Bible . . . A young woman who was disfellowshipped and later reinstated said: "I am happy that Jehovah loves his people enough to see that his organization is kept clean. What may seem harsh to outsiders is both necessary and really a loving thing to do. I am grateful that our heavenly Father is a loving and forgiving God."

    Strait from their website. I took your advice razor and did a little search around their site. The above is what I kept bumping into.

    Yep, families, friendships, and marriages completetly divided because they are cruel and hurtful people. It is that simple. It [shunning] seems harsh to outsiders because it is harsh, cruel, mean, and totally unbiblical in any way. A loving group would never shun love or, shun as love. That is an oxymoron. They shun 100% out of a desire to contol. There is no other reason.

    Even a sociopath can give reasons to support their actions. But they are still sociopaths and they are still wrong. Jehovah Witnesses are wrong. And no doubt in another 30 years the JW's then will not be like the JW's today Just like those today are not like those 30 years ago ect....(that is if the movement is even still alive.) It is so sad that they refuse to learn about the truth & the history of themselves. I wish they were not so afraid of the truth.

    Obi I hope you can find your friend. Call them and find out. Send a letter or even flowers (It can say Happy Birthday!) and ask them out to dinner. All you can do is try. Good luck!

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