do we have issues with the site or is it my mac or firefox?

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  • sowhatnow

    Im on a mac-book, and when Im at the site, often my mac runs real slow, im typing and the letters are not there, and pop up a few seconds later. weird stuff. it sometimes freezes up on me. and i sometimes hear a quick voice in the background as if there is another tab open or page ,something is running in the background,slowing my laptop up terribly at times, this has been an issue for me for about 6 months, I dont know a soul who is familiar with macs, and Im on my own as how to resolve the issue, does anyone know If I should do a system restore? and will this affect my itunes account? is it maybe firefox? I dont use safari anymore it wont play most videos, must be too old.

    i have a mac os-x 10.6.8 about 5 yrs old at least.

    i did back up my files on to an external hd so i can do a restore, or is there a better way to get rid of whatever is causing the problems

    any suggestions?

  • Mephis

    If you haven't already, I'd run a scan for viruses and malware on your mac-book as it sounds like something funky is going on there.

    If you've not got a program to do that, I did a quick look and Avast seem to have a free version for Macs which should work. (Avast is a resource hog of an anti-virus, so uninstalling after is a good option.)

    Been a while since I touched Mac for a work though, so can't help much beyond that I'm afraid.

  • bradford

    Try clearing your browser cache/cookies/temporary Internet files. It clears up a lot of issues.

    Restart your macbook.

    Install chrome if you want to try a different browser and get the adblock extension.

  • Simon
    Also worth trying to open an incognito tab which can often discount cache or extension issues.
  • Doctor Who
  • fastJehu
    My macbook ist 6 years old and I changed the memory from 4 MB up to 8 MB an changed the HD into a SSD. It's like new and very fast. If you can't do it by yourself, ask a computershop.
  • sowhatnow
    i have no problem until im at this site, this is when my text is invisible, my pages skitter around and load badly, and i have to click on a post over and over again to get it to stay put. whats up with that?
  • Giordano

    Back when this site transitioned into the present site I was not able to use Explorer for a while so I Installed Chrome which works very well on this site. I still have my old Explorer which I prefer to use but my Chrome window is superior.

  • sowhatnow

    well doing a little more work, I have come up with this message in my disc utility

    ' invalid directory count, 33 instead of 32'


    HD was found corrupt and needs repaired. Error: this disc need's repaired....then use disc utility to repair

    well, i guess im off to the apple store. Im not messing with it.

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