Song 146 - You did it for me

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  • Listener

    The Watchtower 1970 4/1 emphasis the principle that singing at the Kingdom Hall is part of worship to God and is one of the most beautiful ways they can show this worship to him.

    of all the ways in which we can worship and praise Jehovah God—by prayer, by public talks, by our field ministry and by our exemplary conduct—one of the most beautiful of them is this literal singing of songs to Jehovah’s praise....And, above all, let us pay more than usual attention to the words. It is by the words that we worship Jehovah God, bringing praise to Him

    As an introduction to Song 146, JW org states -

    Jesus considers any act of love and support for his anointed brothers as though it were done for him

    Since they have been admonished to also take special note of the words, here are the lyrics to Song No. 146

    1. Other sheep Jesus has, and they serve alongside
      those anointed to be Christ’s heavenly bride.
      All the things that are done
      for their comfort and aid
      are things he considers that must be repaid.
      “If you comforted them, you comforted me.
      If you did it for them, you did it for me.
      Your labors for them were your labors for me.
      You did it for them; you did it for me.
      If you did it for them, you did it for me.”
      “Yes, you comforted me in my hunger and thirst,
      and whatever my need, you came to me first.”
      “Tell us, when did we do this?”
      these ones will reply.
      The King will then answer them, telling them why:
      “You’ve been loyal to me, doing works that are fine,
      as you preach alongside these brothers of mine.”
      So the King will then say
      to the sheep on his right:
      “Inherit the earth and perfection of life.”
      (See also Prov. 19:17; Matt. 10:40-42; 2 Tim. 1:16, 17.)

    As if it is not enough that they are singing songs of praise to the Governing Body, the first part of the song is a claim by them that works and aid are actually owed to them. They use the phrase that these things must be 'repaid'.

  • OneEyedJoe

    While I agree with you 100% that this is a rather transparent attempt to motivate the average JW to do more to support the GB, I don't think I agree with your interpretation of that verse. I think they're trying to say that anything JWs do to support the anointed (and since they've pushed for the anointed to be mostly anonymous, this mainly means supporting the GB) are things that Jesus will later repay them for. In other words, you give money to them and Jesus will repay the debt later. It's still pretty shameless, but not quite as bad as saying that they're owed the support of the "other sheep."

  • stuckinarut2

    I don't recognise this organisation anymore....

    Things are so different in just the few years since I have attended....these songs are simply infantile

  • OneEyedJoe
    these songs are simply infantile

    Yeah, I was really bummed when they gave us the new song book. I really miss the song about beating off bees that had been molested.

  • nmthinker

    This was new light in March 2015 Study WT - "Loyally supporting Christ's Brothers"

    I posted my thoughts at

    It really is disturbing the direction the organization is headed. The other song is 108, singing praises to the anointed and calling for the "other sheep" to support them.


    Yes, Jesus is saying that he will repay YOU for the way you treat his followers, who all happened to have a heavenly hope when he supposedly said those words.

    Those followers would have included "little ones", or children. The "least ones" were those whom the strong should support, orphans, widows, widowers, sick, lame, blind, CHILDREN.

    Jesus was not specifically saying, "All you R&F need to obey the Apostles, no matter what!"

    If Jesus is real, how does he feel about the GB paying out $4000.00 USD per day, since June 23, 2016; all to protect the WTBTS, not children?

    Does he feel that the GB " 🎶...did it for him...🎶"???


  • JW_Rogue

    LOL These guys in heaven with Jesus? Face it, JWs never cared much about Jesus, they prefer the old testament Jehovah. Now the GB wants to insidiously replace Jesus with themselves, the only problem is they have nothing in common with Jesus at all.

  • FayeDunaway

    Funny, the title sounds like a Christian Rock song.

    (Which, although I sing them sometimes at church, is not my favorite genre by far.)

    But the words are all Jehovah's witness. You must prove your love constantly, you are never good enough, not really, you won't know till the end if you are approved. Pay me back for what I did for you.


  • Listener

    Thanks for your comments OneEyedJoe and DataDog regarding the idea of being repaid.

    Thanks nmthinker for the link to that very interesting thread regarding the sheep and the goats. They changed their idea regarding being appointed by Jesus over all his belongings in 2013. Part of his belongings included the other sheep and was used as confirmation of their authority over the other sheep. They are now left with only Matthew 25:35-40 (sheep and goats) to try to enforce their authority.

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