The Human Potential.

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  • Blueblades

    Can life retain it's potential meaning in spite of its tragic aspects?

    Such as the pain ,guilt and death that we all experience.The human potential allows us to yes to life in spite of everything,making the best of any given situation.

    "The human potential ,when at its best allows for us to turn suffering into a human achievement and accomplishment;to derive from guilt the opportunity to change oneself for the better;and deriving from life's transitoriness an incentive to take responsible action." Viktor E.Frankl.

    Now,for those of you who are former JW'S and have suffered pain in all its forms,felt guilt,and feel the transitoriness of life,years lost etc.Have you developed your human potential,are you able to make the best of any given situation, are you able to yes to life in spite of everything that has happened to you or what?


  • shamus

    In a nutshell - yes.

  • Introspection

    I love potential, I hate to limit it by putting the word human in front of it as a qualifier, though. To me there's not any kind of potential, human or otherwise - there's just potential.

  • els

    I think I'm beginning to. I have always been a basically happy person but over the past year I've been very depressed. I blamed it on my family shunning me but have come to realize that there was much more to it. I haven't been a witness for 17 years but I never really left the closed mind set. I was in limbo. I felt good about not being a witness but I never went out and got what I really wanted out of life. Now I have decided to not let them hold me down anymore. I see my kids grown up, my son leaving high school and my daughter college. I recently spent a few days at college with her. I saw her dance show and watched her do a presentation in front of her professors and hung out with her friends. Afterwards I was in tears telling my husband how happy I am that she has had the chance to do all the things she's done. She is so happy and self confidant. I regret not having that chance but I don't want to regret the rest of my life. So here's to potential and seeing what mine is. els

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I do believe this. I live this. I have to so that I can survive. And every day is easier.

    I have seen both sides of trauma however and that for as many as survive horrid atrocities there are just as many or more who never rise above their pain. Sometimes it is a matter of lack of opportunity. For others it is a matter of not knowing there is anything better to work towards. And for some the painful experiences in life have crushed their spirits so badly that rising above the past becomes a monumental feat

    For those who are able to rise above they are able rise from the ashes of their shattered lives and create something new for themselves. It is an awesome journey to watch and be a part of

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