A Brain That Is Busy Processing A Lot Of Negative Emotions Lower Intelligence?

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    From Neuroscience we learn that brain processes sent up the right side of the Amygdala are basically negative in nature and in my mind unquestionably uses up valuable processing power and makes violent instinct responses to irritant that may be highly illogical. So the more we got going up the left side the better the mind works in decision making the more better intelligence working in our favor as entities.

    Wholesale belief in a corporation Deity that will come to the rescue of the corporation is bound to lead to many hail Mary plays for its corporate managers and a definite No No for sound economic moves to keep one financially secure. Too little too late seems to be the down side negative outlooks on life that the Watchtower inspirers though its pages of print fear of death, fear of disfellowshiping, fear of disobeying the Governing Body and put to music to make it sink into the indoctrinated got to cause brain shrinkage and psychological harm.

    The vaccine is coming for cult bull shit propaganda and it is called the information highway. Democracy can only succeed if intelligence of the population that governs increases and uses critical thinking in making decisions democracy will fail if they are dumbed down by the government.

    All this right side Amygdala processing done by the brain seriously lowers brain processing power to make good decisions. The negative loop I'm sure leads to some form of dementia as amyloid beta get accumulated in in used brain cells due to extreme compartmentalization.

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