Demons all around you?

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  • JH

    Do you believe that there are demons all over the place and around you, just like it says in the bible?

    Do you think they influence much?

    Jesus expelled many demons in people that were possesed. Even animals were under the influence of demons.

    Could it be that we have demons controling us?

  • ScoobySnax
  • liquidsky
  • be wise
    be wise

    ScoobySnax, you say yes, can you elaborate?

    Could you be more specific?

    How can demons control us exactley, by moving our arms and legs in directions we don't want to go?

    Can they crawl into our brains and turn the cells in our heads that make the decisions on and off or is it just a spookey mist they blow out of their arses at us too brianwash us!

    I know I'm being a bit funny about it but HOW?

  • greven


    Tell me about it! They are all around me! I can't sit in a chair without sqausing one! These pesky critters keep hiding my socks, teasing my cat and making those oooohhh ooooohhh sounds at night. Can't have a beer without them fighting me over it. They are a real nuisance! Pest control can't do a thing about it they say. Anyone can help?


  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    I used to be completely paranoid about demons, couldnt sleep at night, used to sleep in my car near an all night gas station sometimes, sleep in a pup tent in the back yard, the tent was to small for me and a demon see. All this was while I was doing drugs after my first marriage busted up.

    I got over it eventually.

  • rocketman

    Mostly No. I think that perhaps the more educated one is, and the more enlightened the culture one lives in, the less "demonic activity" affects him/her.

  • hippikon

    All around me - Hmmmm No

    They are all in my head!

  • topanga

    aren't they all locked up in an abyss somewhere?

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