The overlapping generation doctrine - The epitome of stupidity?

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  • evilApostate

    For years Watchtower has taught that some of the people (anointed) who saw the events of 1914 will be alive to see the end of this system of things. 102 years later and the end is nowhere in sight; another failed prophecy.

    To remedy the situation they have concocted some 'new light' in the form of the overlapping generation doctrine. This new doctrine essentially states that the generation of 1914 consists of two groups of anointed whose lives overlap. As long as you were born and baptized while an anointed person from 1914 was alive then according to them you also form part of the same generation of 1914.

    So for instance, if you were born 1980 and baptized 1992 then you can be part of the 1914 generation. This is so stupid, its unbelievable that anyone would actually accept this new doctrine. Its obvious that Watchtower is merely trying to buy itself some more time. What's next? Will they then say that a third group of anointed overlaps with the second and therefore forms part of the same generation? Or even a fourth or fifth?

    Everyone knows what a generation means; except for the Kool Aid drinking Witnesses. I think this new doctrine is one of the things that has woken some of them up.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Welcome evil!

    overlapping generations???

  • konceptual99

    Everyone knows what a generation is except the GB.

    Everyone knows what an apostate is except the GB

    Everyone knows what a lie is except the GB

    Everyone knows what creationism is except the GB

    I am sure there must be many other words that the GB have their own definition for...

  • ToesUp

    If JW's believe this crap, then there is NO reasoning with them. They have hit the bottom of the barrel, in my opinion.

  • evilApostate

    What's more is that 1914 is based on 607 B.C.E.; an incorrect date for the destruction of Jerusalem. In addition, many other dates were guessed before 1914 and what they originally said would happen in 1914 failed to happen; Armageddon didn't come.

  • WTWizard

    This is how knitting works. You do one row, you get about 2-3 times the diameter of the yarn used. That is one "generation". But, when you knit the next row, you extend this about 1 1/2-2 times the diameter of the yarn, with part of the second course knitted into the first. Then the third, and so on. You could in theory knit something of any length, regardless of the diameter of the yarn, by endlessly adding additional courses.

    With these generations knitted into each other, there is no end to how many can be added. The length of each generation is the amount of time one "course" extends the garment. You knit other generations by intersecting their lives with the previous, and in this way you can build something that could be endless. You reach the end of that course? No problem, you simply knit another generation into the structure. When you reach the end of that one, knit yet another course. And so on.

    Hopefully, in this way, they lose all credibility to anyone except the stupidest and blindest jokehovians in the congregation. One has to be willfully stupid to not figure out that this addition of generations to the structure could be infinite. And, as such, it is not prudent to go on that final sprint when it could be your whole life, and another billion generations beyond that, before anything happens (that is, anything beyond your enslavement under communist rule).

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