What are the Three Words?

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  • TerryWalstrom

    NEW WORDS for your day (for those who care)

    During the Protestant Reformation, 3 words became the most important words in the world.
    Today, not one person in a thousand is aware of these words, or much less conscious of the importance of their definitions.
    What are the 3 words?

    Could you be an intellectually honest Christian person who declares they are a "spiritual" person and not have these words answered inside yourself?
    That question is what made these 3 words so important to learn.

    NOTITIA (no-tish-ee-uh) literally "information"

    ASSENSUS (uh-sins-suss) literally "approval"

    FIDUCIA (fuh-doos-ee-uh) literally "confidence"

    Notitia. Notitia refers to the content of faith, or those things that we believe. We place our faith in something, or more appropriately, someone. In order to believe, we must know something about that someone, who is the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Assensus. Assensus is our conviction that the content of our faith is true. You can know about the Christian faith and yet believe that it is not true. Genuine faith says that the content — the notitia taught by Holy Scripture — is true.

    Fiducia. Fiducia refers to personal trust and reliance. Knowing and believing the content of the Christian faith is not enough, for even demons can do that (James 2:19). Faith is only effectual if, knowing about and assenting to the claims of Jesus, one personally trusts in Him alone for salvation.


    Today, most Christian teaching and reading consists of memes, feel good philosophy, and tales of visits-while-dead to heaven or hell :)
    During the Protestant Reformation, the most important subject in the entire world was Christian teaching, deportment, character and attitude.

    Times have changed, eh?
    Well, not really!
    Have you ever heard of the THIRTY YEARS WAR?

  • TheWonderofYou

    Equally the Watchtower-books and teachings of today will be unnoticed in hundred years. In Watchtower the process will be supported by supportive measures like:

    interdiction to read old books

    pettiness for modern organisation

    blame of literature forgery

    danger of reading unauthorized books


    The worldview changes each generation anew.

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