who have you learned the most from

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  • SpiceItUp

    normally I don't start threads like this but I wanted to recognize a few people lately that I appreciate for all the research and posts that they have made that have furthered my understanding on how better to battle the good battle with my parents.

    A big thanks to (in no special order):

    Hillary Step




    (I know I am missing some but those are the ones that stand out for me and have really helped me in recent months. I think we all play a part here whether it be to ask the questions...to answer the questions...to give support etc and all of our roles are very important and the forum is graetly blessed to have so many people that despite our differences in things all come together with the one common goal)

    thanks again


  • StinkyPantz

    Wow Spice! I'm happy to be mentioned, I sometimes wonder if anyone actually reads my ramblings. As for the person that have helped me:

    AlanF for talking to me on the phone and emails giving me ammunition against the elders and my parents. Of course, AlanF is a genius and always get mentioned, but I thought I would again anyway.

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