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  • zeb

    Warning, Zeb is having a rant.

    I have become so pissed off at jw I bump into who come out with "We have not seen you in ages" and with "We miss you.." My answer is the same "Miss me?. I still live in the same house."

    Just recently one sister said she missed my comments and jokes. Well I haven't been to the kh in years so either no one else comments are worth remembering (!) or mine must have been really special..? Comments. I became tired of propping up fellow jw with comments that they either didnt have the depth or the courage to author.

    As I left comments were avoiding personal experiences and were just a direct read back of the wt or a quote from the 'party-line'.

    Jokes? jw don't know how to tell jokes as (a) as one is doing so another will butt in (b) if a sister they will do so describing the punch line.

    There is the consideration that only certain people can tell jokes like elders. their jokes are 'hilarious'...perhaps.

    I seek peace and to be respected for that.

  • JRK


    You deserve the peace you seek. I hope that you find it.

    Personally, my mother died November 8th. I had a few JW's pick up a few things that my mother wanted them to have. Other than that, there has been no interaction.

    I have not been contacted by the congregation or any JW since she passed away. I was not even contacted about the Memorial. My sisters have not contacted me since the day my mother died.

    My summary is: They are all pieces of shit.


  • moreconfusedthanever

    It's just meaningless words. If anyone really missed us they would call or at least text but nothing.

    They don't knowo what else to say.

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    Zeb, I agree with moreconfusedthanever. They just don't know what to say. The last time I saw a car group parked in a driveway in my neighborhood, I walked up just to say hello. I don't play their stupid shunning game.

    The sister in the driver's seat was clearly uncomfortable. She squirmmed and stammered, "Oh, I see you have the same dog." Two of them gave the standard line, "We miss you so much!" I just laughed and reminded them that I live in the same house I've lived in for 30 years. I didn't point out that I know that I'm on the Do Not Call list. The fourth just glared at me and said nothing.

    I simply don't care. They can be as self-righteous and judgmental as they want. The fact is, they've been driving around the same neighborhoods, in the same cars, with the same people, knocking on doors that nobody answers for their entire adult lives. They look old and hollow. Their lives are small, sad and pathetic. I don't miss them.

    The Borg has turned them into robots. I pity them. They can keep their "best life ever." I'm living mine every day. Oh, and I made sure to let my neighbor know that the Witnesses were contacting his foreign-born wife and warned him what they were up to. He thanked me. Don't let them get you down!

  • LongHairGal


    Glad you did that. Witnesses are such a bunch of phonies with that “we miss you” garbage.

    Back when I was in - some sister said she felt like a hologram on the wall because few people bothered with her...So, the idiots miss “seeing” somebody sitting in the kingdom hall - but would they ever consider seeing somebody socially outside the hall??

    Good riddance to them is what I say.

  • sparrowdown

    Don't ya love the way they all read off the same script.

    JW: "We miss you."

    Faded: "Well my number hasn't changed and I live at the same address?"

    JW: " Gotta go great to see you."

    They are scared to visit in case you trap them in an apostate conversation and give them apostate cooties from your apostate tea and apostate bickies while sitting in your apostate house.

  • stuckinarut2

    Spot on SailAway! Perfectly said. I've had similar situations.....

    And Sparrowdown! Haha! Yes, they practically run away from our aposta-cooties.....

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