Make sure your signs have permits.............East Gippsland Shire Council. Vic. Aust.

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  • smiddy

    This is a notice from the Shire in which I live .

    "Signs placed on Naturestrips ,roadsides ,and other public land require a permit from the Shire which has identified locations in each town where signs can be erected once a permit is granted .

    Their is a photo of heaps of signs that have been impounded that don`t have a permit.

    And I would imagine their is a cost involved in this.

    Would that be a valid reason , the cost , that I don`t ever see a witnessing cart/trolley in my shire ?


  • carla

    The reason you don't see the trollies is because they are busy in Mordor, they have aligned themselves with the orcs and will come out full force soon, very soon!

  • carla
    Sorry, when you say Shire all I can think of is Hobbits and such. You live in the Shire, how charming, why muck it up with signs?
  • atomant
    Their busy stalking deer in the high country.

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